To boost the speed of the Intel processor you need classical RAM. A RAM with high performance and

consistency. There are lots of options available in the market you can select any based on your preference.

However, we have gathered some best solutions for your needs. Check out a detailed discussion on more Best RAM for i7 9700K.

If you haven’t upgraded your PC yet this is the best time. You are here means already have purchased this

processor or wishing to buy it. In our opinion, you must purchase this processor as it has great speed and


List of Best Products

All the below products are available online and you are allowed to place orders from any corner of the world.

Remember choosing the place will affect the product quality. All these products are available on techdzone in

their real form.

A pro tip is don’t forget to pay attention to other parts of your PC to have the best RAM. To get detailed

clarification check the below procedure of buying the best RAM.

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G.Skill Trident Z Royal Gold 16GB Kit

This is the first RAM that comes in line with Intel Core i7-9700K. It comes with the best look in the market and has all the features that you need to boost your PC speed. The brand gives you 16 GB storage with 3200 MHz capacity. There is no RAM that can beat Royal Gold RAM on design. Read more about Gold Royal RAM here.

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Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB Kit

This is second on the list however can be first in your preference. It has the same storage as in the above RAM. Corsair Vengeance comes with a 3000 MHz capacity which is lower than the above Royal Gold. However, the performance of this RAM is incredible. If you are unable to pay for the above RAM consider this one.

Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB Kit

If you are not ready to buy Royal Gold and also looking for high storage in the above RAM consider this one. The same brand has offered this one for the customers who want quick and fast performance. We personally recommend you purchase this RAM if you want to execute complex projects on your PC. Current 32GB storage is divided into two modules. The amazing fact about Corsair Vengeance is you can also add two more modules of 16GB to make the total combination of 64GB.

Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO

We all wish to use the latest technology no doubt how much that product cost. The above options are missing the most important feature of RGB lighting that is available here. With increasing the feature price will also be increased so we decided to add all the products. Here Corsair has decided to add RGB lighting. They call it pro addition as it has all that a customer can demand.

Patriot Signature Line

This isn’t a well-known brand, however, it offers very quality products. We decided to add this product because it also gives reliable features at a very low cost. You cannot complete it with the above product. Some of you who don’t have enough budget to pay for expensive RAM consider this one. Our professional has tested this product and found it reliable with i7-9700K. Considering its features it has 2400 MHz speed and dual 8Gb modules. Customers who are just going to browse or watch serials on PC can rely on this one.

How to Select Best RAM 

Selecting RAM is a crucial decision as it directly impacts your PC speed. The first thing that comes in line while making a decision for RAM is budget. If you have enough money to pay for an expensive product then take that step otherwise try to find an affordable solution.

In this case, we recommend you buy at least 8GB of RAM. RAM with lower than this isn’t easier to find and also gives poor performance. Give a short to 64GB RAM if you want to execute complex projects like games and streaming etc.

People with a clear mindset can easily select their RAM. You need to know which motherboard, and the processor you have. As well as which category of the projects will be executed.

How to Check RAM Compatibility 

Remember, not all the available solutions will be compatible with your PC. Most of the customers bought the wrong product first and then become confused about what to do.

The first thing that needs your consideration is DDR generation. There are two types of generation for you in the market DDR3 and DDR4. If you look from an installment point of view, it doesn’t matter much. You can install both generations on any motherboard. Many customers become confused about, is it possible to install DDR4 on the DDR3 slot or not. Yes, you can without any problem.

Motherboard DIMM slots are the second thing that comes in line. Checking it will help you to know which type of RAM will be suitable. If we consider a very low-level motherboard that gives only two slots. In that case, you won’t be able to go above 4×4 GB RAM.

You will be confused to know that CPU heatsink can also cause problems. Some brands adjust big-sized coolers in the CPU and give lower space to DIMM slots. It will revoke you from installing the big-sized RAM.


Looking for the best RAM for your i7-9700K processor? We have mentioned some best solutions above. All these products give an incredible performance in different scenarios. Have a look at your requirements and take the step accordingly.

Checking motherboard compatibility is also crucial. Motherboards with bad body management or based on old infrastructure will not allow you to buy high-quality RAM. We have tried to sketch maximum facts for a complete buying guide for the best RAM.