About Bhimtal

Bhimtal is one of India’s most captivating and wonderful places that has a lot to offer its visitors and once you are there, you should not miss visiting at least some of the best resorts in Bhimtal. The Bhimtal hills are situated in the northern part of the state of Uttarakhand and are surrounded by beautiful mountains and forests.

It is said that Lord Brahma once visited this place and spent his time here and thus this hill station became very sacred to him. Every year, during the Chandragupta Maang festival, Bhimtal gets even more beautiful and attractive and Bhimtal is the best place that can make you feel the divine presence.

There are many resorts in Bhimtal. These Bhimtal hotels serve various tourists from all over the world and thus this region has become very popular among the tourists who come to Bhimtal to spend their holidays. Most of these resorts are well equipped with modern facilities and therefore it will not be difficult for any tourist to arrange a good stay in Bhimtal.

These hotels in Bhimtal usually have one or more indoor pools where tourists can relax and enjoy staying in Bhimtal hotels. The pool area is always open and hence one can enjoy staying in Bhimtal and taking a bath while enjoying the place’s natural surroundings. Most of these hotels also have bars and lounge areas where tourists can enjoy their time even more.

Why Bhimtal Hotels is Best for Staying?

The Bhimtal hotels are mostly located in the middle of the main valleys and thus one will not find it difficult to reach them. One of the main attractions that attract tourists to Bhimtal is the stunning beauty of the mountains and valleys surrounding the hotel and thus it becomes easy for the tourists to enjoy staying in these resorts.

Some of the resorts in Bhimtal are run by foreigners and thus you will not find any language barrier as most of the guests are English speaking. In fact, the majority of the resorts in Bhimtal are in fact fully air-conditioned and thus you will not have to worry about experiencing hot weather during your stay in these resorts.

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