Drupal is open-source and free to download. Drupal has its own CMS and a development framework. You can easily create & manage multiple websites. The fun fact is you can modify and extend the platform as per your project requirement. Now come to the general security tips and tricks, it’s important to take care of your server-side hosting environment. Now there are some tips which you need to keep in mind before you do it.

Hide the Server Signature:

Because the server signature contains the essential information of server and OS, it’s important to keep the server signature hidden.

Such information can be vulnerable to your site and can hack into your site. To hide the server signature to keep your website safe from all kinds of vulnerabilities.

Protect the Server:

Limit the access to your server to a few users. You can add the basic layer to the login and restrict the access users can have to the server login details. After the authentication process, you can easily restrict the file access usage and manage server access. This way, you will find any of the unusual activities going on in there.

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Enable port Wise Security:

Now port wise security is important because the applications use port numbers. So, it’s better to keep them hidden from the general access provided to the users.

Keep Updated and Use Latest Version of Drupal

This is something you should always do! If you cannot understand its importance, you will end up affecting your website negatively. Suppose you are not able to keep regular Drupal updates, then be aware about ceresin things.

I would suggest to update Drupal regular, because hackers are more focused towards targeting older version of Drupal. We focus the new version releases on improving the security and making bug fixes that can make your site more vulnerable.

To Enable Maintenance Mode for your Drupal Website:

  • Log in to Drupal admin.
  • From Manage, go to Configuration, and then from Development, select Maintenance mode.
  • Tick Put site into maintenance mode.
  • In Message to display when in maintenance mode, enter a message for visitors during your updates.
  • Click Save configuration.
  • Verify your site is in maintenance mode with another browser or incognito tab.
  • Put the website in Maintenance mode– Drupal
  • Check the box Put site into maintenance mode– Drupal
  • Now that your Drupal site is in maintenance mode, find and run any necessary updates.

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Now, how you can keep your site updates? Let’s take the following step of keeping it Updated Regularly!

  • Use HTTPS
  • File Permissions
  • Firewall Settings
  • Take Routine Backup
  • Secure your Database
  • Use Strong Credentials
  • Always Update Drupal Modules

Use Drupal Security Modules

The more protection layer you will keep the more secure your website will be. It is possible to add an extra layer of security to your site when you make use of Drupal security modules for a better Drupal Development Services. Some top Drupal security modules which you should include in your Drupal website are:

  • Coder
  • Security Kit
  • Content Access
  • Password Policy
  • Drupal Login Security
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Username Enumeration Prevention

Wrapping it up:

So here we have seen several ways in which you can tighten the security of your Drupal site. So, right from keeping your Drupal core and modules updated, using an SSL certificate, two-factor authentication, using security plugins, etc. Shiv Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. is a top Drupal Development Company that will ensure that the site is safe from the hands of hackers and other attackers.