Running a travel agency is very tough, you have to handle many processes and tasks in a very good manner so you can make a great profit in this business. Many companies are opting for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software which gives you a lot of benefits. If you have never heard about this tool then you will feel amazed after knowing its functions.

There are mainly two factors that affect the growth of your business. The first one is the quality of the products or services you are providing and the other one is how you maintain a relationship with the customers. Best Travel CRM software helps you in building good communication with your clients which eventually helps you in reaching the goal of your business.

Why use CRM Software for Small Travel Agency?

  1. This software is easy and fast to set up. You can go to the online website and sign up for one to get started.
  2. In comparison to other software, Travel CRM is the most affordable one. Many service providers even give a free trial and allow you to cancel it anytime. It does not need any maintenance charges, just subscription fees are enough.
  3. It consumes very little time and does not need any computer space as it is online.
  4. You can customize Travel CRM Software according to your business needs which makes it the best software for your business.
  5. It provides the best way to communicate with your clients.
  6. This online system can be accessed anytime from anywhere, you just need an internet connection.

There are many CRM developments in India but if you want the best in the industry then TRAVCRM is here for you. TRAVCRM is a Comprehensive Travel Management System specifically crafted to automate Inbound Company Operations from beginning to end. Let’s see some of its main functions:

  1. Multiple dashboards facility is available in this CRM by which you can track each work in a separate tab which will prevent mixing of information and gives you an easy to find the right information at the right time.
  2. If you are tired of checking your hundreds of clients’ mails from different platforms like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. then you should try this tool because it allows you to see all your emails under one dashboard and you can also send replies to your customers within the CRM.
  3. You do not have to waste your time searching the available agents at the time of quotation creation as you can make a list of all the agents with the Series Builder.
  4. Simply creation of multiple packages can be done in this CRM by which you can send these readymade packages to the clients.
  5. You can even make a different category for hotels, meals, vehicles based on their price, location, and availability.
  6. Check the rate of any particular hotel, meal, vehicle, monuments, etc. without creating any query.
  7. A master management option can make a master of hotels, vehicles, food, guides, and more. This option provides you the capability to upload information of fleet, driver, currency, pictures, and manage rate list with an excel sheet.
  8. Instantly check the supplier confirmation to make sure that if the status is confirmed, waiting, or reject.
  9. It reminds you about the different tasks to be performed that you had added to your “To-Do List”.
  10. You can schedule the payments of agents and suppliers regarding each query with the Payment Requisition option. It also provides the status of all payments whether they are received or outstanding.
  11. It automatically generates an invoice after the confirmation of booking from the client-side. You can send this to the client through email within the CRM.
  12. There are more the 30 reports templates present in this Best Travel CRM Software. From Daily Movement Chart to Driver Duty Report you can make any report without any hassle.


No matter what type of travel business you own all the above functions are very beneficial and necessary if want to run your business smoothly, effectively, and efficiently. Furthermore, this software is affordable and can be easily purchased from any CRM development company in India. Meanwhile, if you are looking for the same then you can connect with De Box Global Solution, they are settled in this industry for many years which makes them professional and trustworthy.