Peru is a city of rich culture and incredible history with a twist of thrilling attraction spots and appreciable beauty. This South American country is no less than a living paradise to be included in a visitor’s must-visit destinations list. Find numerous ways to relax enjoy and delve into its spectacular living lifestyle. Though many Peruvian cities are world-famous for travel, Arequipa is still an underdog in this list.

Filled with baroque buildings, colonial-era architecture, and splendid historic Plaza de Armas, Arequipa will win your heart as the most enchanting city you visit this vacation. Nothing you will find boring in its streets or city center, everything here is fascinating. If you are planning already, then book tickets from Avianca Airlines Official Website.

Santa Catalina Monastery

Wishing to start your journey from some historic site? Then, maybe this spot would be the best to start. Spanning roughly 215,000 square feet, the Santa Catalina Monastery is one of Arequipa’s most popular attractions. Guided tours are offered to visitors many times a day. They can get an amazing opportunity to walk inside its restored convent showcasing a great collection of paintings – featuring religious motifs. For an art lover, it’s a great chance to discover the decorated walls.

Colca Canyon

Just a four-hour drive from Arequipa, visitors can take some magnificent views of the Colca Canyon. It is ranked as the second deepest canyon in the world reaching a depth of 3,400 meters. Breathtaking views from the top of the canyon, ensure your arrival as a worthy one. Jagged cliffs, open fields, and unusual wilderness, you would love to experience. If something is missing in your Peruvian tour, maybe that’s the Colca canyon. You should put this site in your must-visit itinerary and collect memorable moments.

El Misti Volcano

Visitors can clearly see the dominance of El Misti Volcano in the city of Arequipa. Sitting in the backdrop to the north of Arequipa, the volcano is one of the most visited hot spots, attracting thousands of visitors every year. Surrounded by many good restaurants and places to shop around, the site is full of families, solo travelers, and travel junkies. Not only this, El Misti offers hiking expeditions to the top and an excellent nature watch. Going to visit Arequipa this vacation? Then you should book Avianca Airlines Tickets now.

Mundo Alpaca

Featuring cute alpacas and llamas, Mundo Alpaca gives you some of the best reasons to visit Arequipa. Learn about the different types of fiber coming from different breeds of animals, everything free of cost. Concerned facilities often host educational tours and leave you with a unique alpaca experience. Visitors get an additional chance to visit its new pre-Columbian textile museum, which demonstrates the beginning of this tradition in the Andes. Make your bookings in advance and enjoy your visit.

Plaza de Armas

Many city centers in Latin America will have the same name Plaza de Armas, which means ‘Weapons Square.’ Covered with historic 17th-century colonial marvels, graceful colonnades, and lush gardens, Plaza de Armas offers its visitors an amazing opportunity to know its rich heritage. You can catch a beautiful dusky view of the Basilica Cathedral, one of the central attractions of Arequipa. How about catching a scenic view of the Cathedral during sunrise and sunset? That sounds amazing, no? Then, reserve your seats through the Avianca Airlines Reservation portal.

Arequipa Historic City Center

Boasting colonial-era architecture, Arequipa’s Historic City Center is set against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains of Peru. Make a stop at one of its marvels constructed of sillar stone and learn about delicately sculpted decorative details of the structures. The city center is filled with numerous picturesque spots that will insist you click pictures with them. You can hire a local tour guide and ask him about the specialties of the city center. So, if you are going to visit Arequipa, then you should ask your loved ones about this trip.

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