If you are looking to hide the smell of your weed. Glass jars may just be what you are looking for. Glass jars can keep your weed odor less and discreet as long as the seal is airtight, hiding the smell. Airtight jars are perfect for storing cannabis. While locking in the smell and keeping your marijuana odorless, your weed will stay fresh and the airtight seal will prevent the buds from drying out and getting stale. This also means your buds will not lose anything of their potent flavor, which is arguably the best part.  Glass Jars for Weed.


Getting the most affordable packaging means you do not have to worry about charging extra for your product because of its expensive packaging. Mylar bags can get expensive, especially in Canada when you are looking to get them custom printed with your company’s art. Your mylar bags don’t have to be expensive though, you can buy mylar bags at a low price while not sacrificing the quality of your mylar pouch bags. Even custom printing your mylar bags can be made at a great rate with small minimums so you don’t have to store a ton of extras. Mylar Bags