Asian wedding cakes often constitute a very large part of the overall wedding party budget and the actual cutting of this luxurious wedding cake by the couple is certainly one of the key moments that you need to capture in excellent wedding photography. It is very important for the couple to remember that this cake is the centerpiece of their wedding day. This is why it is vital that the final result is something that they are happy with. You will want the photographs to portray the happy and elegant mood of the wedding party. If you have hired an experienced and creative cake designer then you will have every confidence that these professionals will produce an equally impressive wedding cake for your big day.

Professional Cake Baker

The term “Beguiling” comes from two words, which are slightly different but mean the same thing. These two words come from the Japanese word “baguette”, which means to be served on a silver plate. Typically, the plates used are gold or silver plated, and the main decoration of the cake is made up of multi-colored icing flowers. This type of cake is most popular amongst the Japanese people and it is not uncommon for you to see wedding parties with Asian inspired cake plates. You can choose to design the cake yourself and either order a custom made one or have a professional baker to the cake delivery for you.

Shapes Of Wedding Cakes

Another thing to bear in mind is the placement of the Asian wedding cakes. Most of the cakes are square in shape and the most traditional one is in a rectangular shape. Some of the most popular locations are the centerpieces, the reception tables, the platters, the serving dishes and the tabletops. Of course, there are other places that are just as popular, however they are less traditional and will not feature as many flowers as the more traditional areas such as the reception tables and the centerpiece.

Asian wedding cakes are usually smaller in size than those found in Western weddings and they are more preferred by the Asian bride. However, many couples prefer the large and elegant Asian themed wedding cakes. For this reason, you can find these at many reception places worldwide. Some of the most popular types include the following:

Most Popular Types of Wedding Cake

The Asian wedding cake can be decorated to look like any number of things and there are many different tastes, which can be incorporated in the decorations. However, the most common style is the Asian wedding cakes which are decorated using red icing, gold leaf and flowers. These decorations give the cake a beautiful look, which is accentuated by the multi-colored icing flowers that are usually used.

With regard to the centerpieces, there are many different options that you have when it comes to the design. One option is to use flowers and candles to design the cake and the floral designs will usually be a combination of flowers, buds and other arrangements. This can be continued throughout the rest of the wedding party as well. Another idea for the centerpieces is to use candles and other centerpieces that feature Asian touches. If the cake decorating company is able to do this, then the possibilities for their centerpieces are endless.

You may also decide to have the Asian cake decorated using different shaped cakes. For example, the traditional round cake is always paired with Asian round centerpieces. You can also pair the Asian cake decorating with square and rectangular cakes. If the Asian cake design is done correctly, then the cake can also come in heart-shaped or jewel shaped centers.

For the Asian wedding cake decorating, you should not restrict yourself only to the round and heart-shaped cakes. You should also try to match the Asian wedding theme with the cake that you use for the decoration. It would be best if you also kept the theme of the wedding in mind while selecting the cake and at the same time also try to keep your budget under control.