Find the best ways to prevent corrosion of steel in construction. It can be incurable if corrosion in steel you underestimate-ConstructionKart.

What is Corrosion in Steel

Corrosion is a natural phenomenon of deterioration in steel caused by environmental interactions. A common form of corrosion is rust as it can have a diversity of negative effects on metal. The orange-brown flakes of iron oxide that form on the surface of iron that is exposed to moisture and other elements or chemicals. During the construction, the cost of TMT steel bras should be treated as a high expenditure. You cannot underestimate the risk arising from corrosion as the entire building’s strength depends upon TMT steel bars. Because The threat of corrosion is not completely safe for any metal. The proper corrosion protection is a very important part of work in construction with metals.

Best Ways to Prevent Corrosion of steel

In short, the best way to prevent corrosion is to prevent moisture from reaching the steel, or by using a chemical that corrodes more slowly. The following are the best ways to prevent corrosion.


Galvanizing is a method of preventing corrosion which creates a coating of protective zinc over the metal surface. Galvanizing protects the underlying steel by the coating of zinc.

Store Properly

Keep the TMT steel bars in a dry place where it can not expose to snow, rain, salt elements, etc and place them in a distant zone from building materials like wood, sand, bricks, and others.

Cathodic Protection

Cathodic protection is also one of the best methods in corrosion prevention because it controls the electrochemical corrosion by opposing electrical current to the metal’s surface.

Anodic Protection

Anodic protection involves coating the iron alloy steel with a less active metal, like tin. Tin can not corrode, so the steel will be protected as long as the tin coating is in place.

Applying Paints

Applying surface coatings with paints, asphalts, etc creates a protective layer over metal objects and prevents moisture from reaching them.

Quality Concrete

Use high quality and damp proof concrete in construction

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