It is a true pleasure to watch your child play sports, but especially so when he or she plays baseball. As baseball is America’s pastime, there is a stronger pride when observing them play it, both for your child and nation. As wonderful as it is to experience your son or daughter excel in baseball, there is one element that undoubtedly worries you: injuries.

It is possible for anyone on the baseball diamond to get injured at any time, no matter if they are the pitcher or the right fielder. Anything can happen at any time, and they can’t be 100% protected at all times no matter what. However, if your child is properly protected from flying baseballs and diving players with sharp cleats, then they will be significantly safer.

One such position that requires more gear and protection than any other is the catcher. The catcher requires four pieces of equipment: a hockey-style helmet, chest protector, leg guards, and a mitt. These all play specific roles in protecting the catcher from injuries.

If your child is a catcher, then you should certainly purchase these pieces of equipment for him or her in order to be sure they are as safe as they can be behind the plate. When looking for the sturdiest catcher’s equipment, look no further than HbSports. They have all that your son or daughter requires on the baseball or softball field, no matter his or her position.

As a catcher, it’s vital that your son or daughter protects their chest, so let’s have a look at the two best catcher’s gear box sets, which include youth baseball chest protectors, masks, and shin guards, offered at HbSports for a boy and a girl.

Boy’s Best Pick: Rawlings Catcher’s Gear Box Set
Rawlings has been a well-known name in the game of baseball for 134 years. It has supplied countless baseball players with top-of-the-line gear, from youth to professionals. That’s why their catcher’s gear box set can be trusted to protect your child.

Rawlings’ catcher’s gear box set includes all the important gear that they need (aside from a mitt, which no catcher’s gear box includes anyway). The brand heavily focuses on comfortability, breathability, and safety in this set: the trifecta for the ultimate catcher’s equipment box. They also come in a couple of color options, including black and graphite, white and silver, and the patriotic red, white, and blue. Your son will not only feel good and be protected but look good, too!

Girl’s Best Pick: Easton Jen Schro the Very Best Catcher’s Set
Another name that has gained popularity in the baseball and softball community is Easton. The company was founded in 1922 for archery, then branched out to baseball in the late 1960s. Therefore, you know that they are knowledgeable and trustworthy in terms of providing the most high-quality and dependable equipment for baseball and even softball.

This particular catcher’s set stands out amongst them all. It is perfect for female catchers, as it is formfitting to her. The life of the helmet should be about five years, which is truly remarkable and a clear sign of safety. The leg guards are made of neoprene knee straps for ultimate comfort. There’s even inner knee padding for throwing from the knees. Plus, it comes in white, black, and patriotic red, white, and blue. This is a set every female catcher should have!

When looking for the best youth baseball chest protectors, leg guards, and helmets, look no further than the above options from HbSports. They pride themselves on supplying all of their customers, youth or adults, with the most dependable and performance-inducing gear on the market.

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