Blippi Live is a new musical that has been put on by The Royal Ballet in London. The play is based on the life of Blaise Pascal, who was a famous French writer and playwright. This latest production of Blippi Live takes the story to life on the stage. The play is produced by John Lewis Goad. The lead role has been played by Natalie Portman, who happens to have also done some of the best performances in recent movies like Alice in Wonderland.


Blippi Live Broadway takes a different angle than most musicals. It is quite different in that it takes its story from life around the small community of Bliida in France. The play follows the everyday life of seven members of the family, five boys and two girls. One girl is eleven years old, one is in her early twenties, the other is in her fifties. This all happens to be the community where Blippi lives.



The play revolves around everyday life in the community of Bliida. The musical numbers are all about everyday things that are going on. There is a lot of, which is a trademark of a good musical number. Natalie Portman steals the show with her amazing vocal talent. Everyone should take a listen.


The setting is not even remotely set in the past or in today’s times, but it feels very rich and cozy. You cannot help but feel that this plays has happened right in your own living room. The sets, the costumes and the entire set decor to make you feel like you are in the part of the play. It is one of those plays that leave you craving for more!


This cast is simply magnificent. Natalie Portman shines in her role as Blaise Pascal. She nails every note and shows off her amazing range of singing. Claire Danes has been great as the older sister who has always been there for her younger siblings.


Hazel Morano also plays the role of Blaise Pascal and has done a fantastic job. She rocks with the role as a very caring and compassionate older sister. But don’t mistake her for your grandmother. She is the sassiest girl ever. Claire Danes once again proves herself to be a talented actress with a wide range of characters in her day.


The storyline is excellent. The songs are powerful and moving. When they say “this is in your face” it is true. The cast is amazing. All of them bring their A game to the stage and they do it with aplomb.


It is hard to find fault in this wonderful play. If you want to see a great play, with a great cast and great acting, you should definitely make a note of Blippi Live on Broadway. You will not be disappointed.


You will need to have tickets to get into the Broadway venue. If you are unable to attend the play, you can catch the final performance the evening before at your local Theatre complex. But even if you cannot make it to Broadway, you still have other live performances to look forward to. There is a show called Saturday Night at the Medley Theatre in New York. This show has also won awards. Blippi Live tickets are available at Tickets4musical.


Another great Broadway play script is Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller. This play script is just about the perfect ending to a great play. The play script centers around the last few seconds of the play when Arthur Miller’s character is about to execute his fatal sword act. The play script shows just a fraction of a second of this great scene. But you will be able to miss it if you do not watch the actual play.


But for those who can’t get away from watching this great play script, there is always a second chance at seeing the performance later on. Blippi Live has taken note of this and made available all of the previous cast recordings. These recordings are shown on their website along with the play script. So if you missed out on the first viewing, no worries, you can watch the next performance and so can everyone else.


Blippi Live is great and does exactly what it says on the tin. They take you back in time to the great days of Broadway and make it so that you never want to leave the theatre. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to relive their favourite moments from theatre history. It’s the type of theatre experience, you should take home with you. I will see Blippi Live wherever I go next.