These boxes are widely used by women to prevent their jewelry from fading. Since shopping for items online is the most popular, people are now eager to buy designer bracelets online. So they can get it right outside the door without going anywhere. Therefore, in your handling of the digital world, it can be very beneficial for you to start your wristband box business online. And for that, an online tool is needed. Therefore, here we will introduce you to the most versatile tool available on the market, namely Pebbly subscription billing. With this tool, you can create awesome box office pages to sell Bangle boxes in no time.

What kind of Boxes are you planning to make

Make sure you know your style of box. Do you need to make precious metal watches or rings? Asking this question is crucial in starting your jewelry business. Be sure to consider all of the options, for example, you want to wear rings, but keep in mind that you will need adjustable rings or different sizes to design them.

Prepare your bangle boxes designs and choose your niche.

This will help you in the next step: capturing the target audience. Part of your business plan is also to create the brand. You need to choose the name of your business that best matches your designs. The logo and corporate identity are also essential to make your brand easily recognizable. Otherwise, your customers will no longer remember your business or you as a designer and stop buying from you.

Create your buyer’s personality:

In short, a buyer persona is your potential customer. Suppose you decided to create a collection of real silver 3D printed bracelets. Who would be interested in this product? Your audience is probably millennials rather than baby boomers. Your 3D printed bracelet will likely be purchased by a friend of her boyfriend rather than a grandmother of her granddaughter.


However, your typical customer is likely female, but that depends solely on your designs. Maybe millennials would be a good niche to target. It helps you find other designers who 3D print their bracelets; who is their audience. How do they reach them? Learn about the industry and try to collect as much data as possible. You might find that your future competitors aren’t selling specific gear that you can see. Make sure you have a clear view of your target audience, otherwise you won’t reach them through special channels. It’s as easy as writing a list.

Determine costs:

Starting a jewelry business often doesn’t require a huge investment. It is usually the cost of tools and materials. If you think your business needs more contributions, you can check out crowdfunding solutions. Then you should also take into account that the people who are helping you paid for the products and you need to deliver them.

To continue the 3D printed jewelry business, recommend using an online printing boxes service. One of the major expenses to consider is a 3D modeling software license, but there are plenty of free options. The following is the production, the cost depends on the material you use. When you choose to produce your 3D printed wristbands online, just upload your 3D model and you won’t have to worry about the production process anymore. You’ve thought about the production process, it’s amazing. But you still have to deliver your products. Even if you are opening a jewelry studio but also selling online, ask yourself if you only want to focus on your own country, otherwise, you decide to ship your jewelry to Europe, the USA, worldwide.

Finally, if your business grows a bit, remember that you need to meet the highest standards. The brand, like the business cards and packaging for your jewelry, is very important in building trust and providing a satisfying customer experience.

Reach your target audience:

Now that you know who your typical customer would be and how much your product will cost, you wonder how to reach them, what channels do they use. The Internet is the power of information, if you are not on any channel you do not exist at all. Having your website and social media accounts is a must. Of course, you don’t have to be everywhere. Maybe Instagram or Pinterest reaches your audience more effectively than LinkedIn.

This is a very important step even if you are opening a jewelry studio as you can promote it on social media and your customers can share their experiences with your products. This is exactly why knowing your target audience is so important. You might not need a website right off the bat. If you don’t plan to produce luxury goods, a Facebook business page and/or Instagram account may be enough as a first step to promoting your business.

Find out which social media channels are dedicated to your potential customer. Using our example of 3D printed bracelets, we would think an Instagram account with great photos and fashion-oriented hashtags would be a suitable starting point.

Start selling:

Finally, you know what you are selling, who you are selling it to, how to reach your customers, and how much it will cost you. It’s time to put your plan into action and start selling. The start might not be easy and every step you take can change – don’t be afraid. If you find that your products are also popular with a different customer base than you expected, you need to adjust your marketing strategy and business plan accordingly. Depending on your jewelry business idea, you may need to organize a box workshop. But selling your things online is also a good start. If you don’t have the resources to start your own website, you can start with online stores where you can create your account. If you create your account in an online store, you don’t have to worry about shipping costs either.