Jeans play an essential role in the everyday look, especially when the weather is cold. But when swimming season is upon us, nothing can beat cool and comfy outfits like Swim Trunks. So, whether you want to enjoy your weeklong beach vacation or go to gym classes, summer outfits are the best option.

Even if you are less likely to enjoy a wave or a break on the pool, several stylish men’s Swim Trunks are available at various online stores that have the adaptability to become your weekend outfit.

But how to choose the best swimwear with moisture-wicking, quick-drying fabric and spotless features that can easily fit any sweat condition at a hot temperature?

No need to worry! Here in the Lululemon Swim Trunks review, we’ll help you find the perfect pair of Swim Trunks so you can order them right away now!

Things to Consider

  1. Length

Swim Trunks are currently all the rage, especially among men where any leg length works. Generally, in stores, you can find three types of trunks, including:

  • Longer Trunks: Multifunctional, lightweight shorts consist of a seven-inch which hit the knee. They are readily available in various colors, including blue, black, navy blue, and more. These shorts are perfect for hiking, surfing, wearing in town, or even in the office.
  • Knee-Length: They usually have a five-inch and are short enough to relax. You can wear them in multiple situations.
  • Short Trunks: They are typically shorter than a five-inch and are a fun choice for back vibes. 

  2. Material

When buying a Swim Trunks, always look for a water-repellent, sturdy and lightweight material. If you plan on using your swimsuit for surfing or exercising, a little stretching is also needed.

Typically, lululemon swimsuits are 4-way stretch and last a long time without fraying, tearing, or fading from exposure to the sun. You can use them for surfing and running, gym, swimming, even for your yoga class.


Trunks with snap closures are often the best for getting the perfect fit. These shorts are very comfortable, and you can easily wear them to the office, run to the pool and jump into the water.

In addition, the material should be breathable and able to keep you cool throughout the day. One thing to mention is that the shorts should not have a mesh lining.


The best swim trunks strike a balance between boldness and versatility. Ideally, you can wear your new shorts with all kinds of sneakers, tees, and shirts. Also, check for the pockets to store your wallet or phone easily. But don’t forget to remove your phone before taking the plunge!

However, choosing the right pair of swim shorts can be tricky somewhere. Therefore, it is important to decide beforehand on your needs and how you want to look in a swim trunk when you go swimming at the pool or the beach. Most importantly, your comfort level after wearing them.

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