If you are passionate about bright and bold African prints and love the dresses that African people wear, then you don’t have to plan a visit to Africa. Simply visit Africa Imports and check out our catalog of African clothing. You will find the best African clothing line. We offer clothes, healthcare products, fabrics, artwork, and much more for resellers. Our wholesale clothing range consists of:

  •         Women’s African Clothing
  •         Men’s African Clothing
  •         T-Shirts, Hoodies, & Sweatshirts
  •         Plus Size Clothing
  •         Dashikis
  •         Coats and Jackets
  •         Swimwear & Beach Accessories
  •         Children’s African Clothing
  •         Upscale
  •         African Wedding Attire

Apart from this, we have all kinds of African fabrics available for designers, garment creators, and other producers who are always in search of unique fabrics to create different products like designer outfits, bags, stoles, and much more. Our wholesale fabric range consists of:

  •         African Prints
  •         Kente Fabrics
  •         African Mudcloth
  •         Money Savers
  •         Other African Fabrics
  •         Tapestries
  •         Indigo Fabrics
  •         African Kuba Cloth

Those who deal in the healthcare and beauty niche, we have traditional African beauty and healthcare products as well. We offer African Black soap, African Shea Butter, all essential oils, and other popular oils that are exclusive to Africa. Share samples with your customers and see their response. If they like it or if the demand for African products increases, you will find stocks of every product available at our store. Shop today!