Case IH combine series is also known as the rotary harvesters. These are a type of combine harvester that farmers use to harvest big farms.

Main functions of Case IH combine series:

To harvest the farm produce crops

Delivering crop to threshing unit

Threshing the grain

Separating edible part of the crop from straw

Collecting the grains in the unit.

Case IH combine series has helped the farmers to harvest the big farms and has reduced the work to simple supervision. This type of combined harvester is tailor-made for customer’s needs too. There are so many varied series simultaneously, from simple Case IH combine series to 625 horsepower.

The combined series has options for all kinds of harvest, whatever size and type of grain from header to spreader. These Case IH combine series have the best cleaning and threshing units with innovative drive systems, and they cover the largest area of the field at once.

Features of Case IH Combine Series:

Harvesting with efficiency and pace:

The most laborious activity turned to be effortless by Case IH combine series. Irrespective of the crop or field condition, the combined series never fails to leave a clean farm and happy farmer. They are known not only for brilliant fuel economy but for exceptional horsepower.

Matched capacity

The main secret behind a successful harvest is to control crop flow. And the combined series has kept in mind this secret and has specifically designed the feeder and rotor. The Case IH combine series has matched the capacity with exceptional grain handling and residue management. These individual units and systems promote crop flow and maximum productivity.

Grain quality

There will be no sense in getting a harvesting machine if there is damage to the crop. Considering this part, the Case IH combine series has gentle grain on grain threshing that ensures minimum rain damage. The units, from feeding to cleaning, every part is designed to save the edible crop.


The farmers have many tasks to complete while farming, and learning to operate a machine isn’t affordable. Keeping this in mind, the Case IH combine series has reliable and easily serviceable parts that don’t ask for much attention and science.

Crop adaptability

For a layman, crops are limited to oats, wheat, barley, rye or flax seeds, and soybeans. But it’s the farmer who knows there are more to grains than the above listed. And this is why the Case IH combine series are designed to harvest over 100 types of grains. The series is versatile to cover all the major harvesting needs.

Grain savings

The only reason one would invest in machinery is to gain profit. The threshing, cleaning and separating unit of the Case IH combine series allows you to have more grain in the tank and profit in your hand.

Getting a Case IH to combine series will be the smartest decision to take if you have big farms.