Caterpillar (r) diesel engines are designed and engineered to the highest standards of durability, reliability, performance and efficiency. If you need superior performance from a CAT motor to reduce the cost of used or converted equipment, the CAT is the most economical way.

The Cat 3306 engine has been the workhorse of Caterpillar 3406 b heavy-duty diesel engines for over 25 years and is produced in quantities. Like the Cat 3406, the 3306 has natural gas applications but is more durable than the diesel version.

All of our Caterpillar diesel engines for sale are built to OEM and factory standards by experienced professionals who follow strict guidelines. Caterpillar engines meet stringent emission standards and offer performance and efficiency, making them one of the most reliable engines. Our responsive global support network around the world supports CAT.

All engines are thoroughly tested to meet OEM standards and then go through a cleaning and demolition process. Depending on the type of Caterpillar diesel engine for sale, our time frame for completing the engine varies. If we do not have an engine in stock, we build the customer engine and get it from the customer. If our engine is in stock, it will be delivered within days.

For example, some engine components may need to be remanufactured, but the rest of the parts should be in good condition to be reused. If the parts are in good condition, they can be marked and refurbished. There are some used Caterpillar 3116 engines that have been around for some time and that are known to run well after take-off, and they sound like used engines.

Refurbished parts are sold with the same guarantees for 40% of the new price. It is also cheaper, resulting in huge savings, as the engine is cheaper than the new one. Manufacturing a refurbished engine requires 60% less resources than producing a new one.

Our refurbished Caterpillar 3116 engines are completely overhauled with your specific serial number. This differs from an overhauled CAT 3116 engine in that the engine is brand new. Engines that have been demolished, inspected, tested and worn can be “restored” with brand new components.

Finding high-quality equipment for your industrial enterprise is easy. Swift Equipment Solutions offers a full range of used diesel engines for sale. Every year we sell thousands of engines to customers who use them in a wide range of commercial, industrial and manufacturing applications. All our engines are thoroughly inspected and we work closely with our customers.

Mustang Cat recognizes that each customer has their own unique power needs. Representatives of Mustang Cat Power Systems can help you find the right appliance solution for your specific needs. In addition, Mustang Cat offers the use and conversion of surplus engines at a fraction of the cost.

There are times when it is important to get rid of the old diesel engine and buy a new or refurbished one. Swift Equipment Solutions can help with this part of the process. We regularly buy many different types of industrial equipment for our customers.

If you are in the market to buy a used diesel engine, you may not be in luck. However, if you plan to use the device for a short period of time for a particular project, a used engine may be a better choice. This allows you to resell or redistribute the equipment after completion without worrying about wasting money on a new engine.

This sophisticated engine has been driving America for over 40 years. It is known for its reliability, ease of maintenance and endurance. There is nothing wrong with this diesel engine. This engine has covered over 1,000,000 miles without a major overhaul.

The original Cat 3306 was similar to the Cat 3406, but had 2 valves per cylinder instead of the 4 in the 3406. It consumed an average of 8-11 gallons of diesel fuel per hour, but with modern direct injection it achieves a much better GPH. The new Cat 3 306DI engine has one 4-valve per cylinder.