Have you completed your bachelor’s degree? Are you still thinking about what you can do next in your life? Are you looking for your 1st job out of university that can offer you an exciting adventure? Then the china job board could be an excellent opportunity for you. This experience will provide you the chance to explore the other corner of the world with sufficient earning at the same time.

If you have always desire to see Asia, this is your chance you go and live there for a whole year.

China has endless opportunities.

China has endless opportunities for English-speaking graduates, so you are bound to find the proper teaching role for you.


  • Fresh graduates are welcome to apply.

You don’t require any previous experience in ESL, and fresh graduates are welcome to apply. There are just a few requirements you will need to meet to teach English abroad in China.

  • Need a bachelor’s degree

To qualify for one of these memorable roles with English First, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree. No need to worry if your bachelor’s degree is not in English Literature.

Graduates from any academic discipline teach English successfully with English First in China. The essential thing is that you have your degree. Your degree can be in any subject.

  • TEFL certificate

The 2nd teaching English abroad requirement is to have a TEFL certificate. The TEFL certificate gives an excellent foundation for becoming a fantastic teacher & learning how to get the best out of your future students.

If you don’t have a TEFL certificate yet, English First does offer sponsorship for those who require it. This will help you get qualified for your dream teaching job in China. It also allows you to kick start your teaching overseas adventure. So, don’t let not having a TEFL certificate right now; stop you from applying.

English teacher

As you will be working with many young people to improve their English abilities, you will need to obtain a clean background check. You can secure your role with English First, and having a clean background check will be required for your work visa until you are in China. Ensure you will be able to get this before applying to teach with English First.


It is also essential that you can live abroad for one year.  English First is searching for future teachers who can commit to 1 year of helping in improving their students with their English skills.

The ability to mix up yourself somewhere that is in a whole different culture is a life-changing experience. It will boost your confidence grow and gives you enough memories to last a lifetime.

If you meet the criteria above, congratulations; the china job board is an excellent opportunity. Gaining international experience on your first graduate job is quite impressive. So, take the step now by checking you have all your documents that qualify for a teaching position job. Now, fill your application form to start your ESL journey in China.