Many products are sold in cardboard packaging. Cardboard is a popular material from which individual packaging is made for pizza, cakes, pastries, confectionery, food products, and many other items used by people.

Packaging of goods in inexpensive and environmentally friendly containers allows you to increase customer loyalty, improve the presentability of products, and ensure their safety. Cardboard packaging is made individually with the application of corporate logos, inscriptions, and other elements.

You can create and use packing materials with the help of used folding carton gluers. Today, such machines are widely available on the market. You just need to do some research and analysis, know more about the specifications of new folding carton equipment and make an intelligent selection. What are the benefits of New folding carton equipment? Let’s have a look at some points mentioned below:

  • Adjustable Collector and Pressing Unit

New folding carton equipment has an adjustable collector and pressing unit. So, it helps a lot in creating excellent packing material without any flaws. Based on your requirement, you can adjust the size of the collector and pressing unit. So, it becomes easier to glue more cartons per minute.

  • Final Fold With Belt And Rollers

Depending on your goals, you can create large-sized folding plastic boxes and small folding containers. The principle of unfolding in each type of container is the same: by removing the lock with special latches, you can fold the box along the side walls. Used folding carton gluers allow you to fold cartons easily as they have belts and rollers.

  • Customized Solutions

Cardboard packaging can be helpful in various industries that produce different types of products. These companies usually require customized solutions, and folding cardboard boxes are designed to be adapted to different styles. In addition, various functions can be added to cardboard boxes. You can choose different options from laminated or craft cardboard. You can use packaging and folding cartons made from recycled materials. New folding carton equipment helps you to come up with customized solutions.