You are doing it again, aren’t you? You have started searching for metal recycling near me as the pile of scrap metal in your garage has got to go. It is too good to throw away, instead of adding excess waste to landfill, sell it and make some extra cash. Plus, you made a promise that you will be  “green” and recycle.

Recycling scrap metal via scrap metal dealers ensures that, materials that some think are destined for landfill and past its “shelf – life”, can be recycled where raw material are produced once again, and these raw materials are used towards new structures or projects yet again. Whilst scrapping metal is great, it is also important that it is sold to the right scrap metal yard. But how do you choose the right one? I was in the position that you are, with an old car that was not running, taking up much needed space. I wanted to sell it to a dealer that made the whole process easy and gave me a fair price.  I chose Dream Lucky Scrap Metal as their reputation in the industry cannot be beaten.

My checklist when choosing the right scrap metal dealers

  1. Hours of operation and location.

Goes without saying, you need to choose someone that is conveniently located near you with flexible operating hours, as after all you are the one dropping it off.

Better yet, what if I told you that some metal recycling near me dealers are willing to collect from you which makes the process a whole lot easier.

  1. Business model.

Recycling has become extremely important; we all need to do our part in reducing waste. So, why not choose a dealer that takes their business seriously and have that passion for saving the environment. Scrap metal dealers that are committed to sustainability usually implement environmentally friendly business practices. Once you start the search for scrap yard near me and narrow down scrap metal dealers, it is important to choose one that will not only give you the right advice but will also make the booking process easier.

  1. Scrap metal prices.

We all want to receive the “Best Price” in whatever we buy or sell. The scrap metal Perth industry is generally quite competitive, so it is important to ensure that the price you are receiving from the dealer matches the current market prices.

  1. What scrap metal will a dealer accept?

If you are in a situation where you have various metals to be scrapped, you need to look for a dealer that will accept all ferrous and non – ferrous metals, that way you can sell your entire collection to one dealer making the transaction super easy!

Why did I choose Dream Lucky Scrap Metal?

Not only did they satisfy every point of the above checklist, but they were super friendly to deal with. With over 4 decades of experience in the industry, being a family owned and run business, not only they gave me the professional advice I needed but the prices they offered could not be beaten. Their reputation and customer service is what stood out for me when I was searching for metal recycling near me, as a newbie in the metal recycling world it was important for me to choose someone that had positive feedback with a large list of happy and returning customers.