It is nothing sharp graphite rod as well as it is support as conductor of current, reasonable distance plastic handle as well as other PVC tube. It has enough away which never reach as well as much heat to soften it. It becomes clear with PVC It built with high resistance as well as dissipated most of power and quite important to sharp two common reasons. Here finer point will contact among material as well as tip more current as well as great level of temperature to meet. When it is too thicker, then heat will transmitted quite simply from tip to soldering iron as well as make huge part of dissipated with no reaching temperature. The Graphite electrode is utilized in electric arc furnace as well as this type of product is out with great level of electrical conductivity as well as ability of sustaining them extremely with elevated level of heat producer. It is divided into four types of such RP, HP SHP and UHP. And it is worst plastic used for this process.

High resistance support:

It formed for part of element carbon as well as divided into natural graphite electrode. This product is commonly used in major application as well as industries for various purposes. It has high excellent electrical as well as thermal conductivity, chemical resistance, as well as high mechanical strength. It built with simple processing as well as forming. This mixing pitches coke as well as adhesives as well as carbonized. Graphitization is much high as well as but conductivity is not good as electrode. It is commonly used as aluminum as well as battery electrodes. This carbon electrode is used for manufacturing silicon metal as well as it has peculiar characteristics. On other hand, it used as electric current conductors so you can hire right company to invest your money on this brand product without any trouble of it.