Kitchen cabinets are important aspect of every kitchen space. Generally, there are three types of kitchen cabinets to choose from i.e. stock, semi-stock and custom cabinets.

Stock Kitchen Cabinets –

If you’re looking for standard traditional style cabinets, you should look no further than stock cabinetry. They are highly popular options amongst NYC homeowners. These cabinets can be available within a short lead time.

In addition, they are quite affordable and are ideal alternative to those who’re budget-conscious or opting for DIY project. These are come with different styles and materials to choose from.

Semi-Stock Kitchen Cabinets –

Are you looking for adaptability while shopping for cabinets? If yes, then you can’t go wrong with semi-stock kitchen cabinets! They are 25% more expensive than standard stock cabinets and available in versatile sizes to choose from.

Generally, these cabinets are available within a lead time of five to six weeks. They require a little more planning beforehand than stock kitchen cabinets.

Custom Designed Kitchen Cabinets –

Custom designed kitchen cabinets are completely based on the space, preferred aesthetics and personal functionality needs. Every element of the cabinetry is made to order to fit your kitchen space perfectly. Your kitchen remodeler will find a way to bring your vision for aesthetics to life while accommodating your specific storage requirements. Every single element is created specifically for your kitchen.

Different Kitchen Cabinets Based on Configurations –

There are three different kitchen cabinets based on the configurations. They are discussed below:

Wall Mounted Kitchen Cabinets –

Wall mounted cabinets connect the kitchen wall through flushing against the ceilings or floaters. Generally, wall cabinets have 12 inch depth and 30 inch height. The height increments of these cabinets range 6″-36″ and 42″.

Base Kitchen Cabinets –

These cabinets are placed on the floor with a countertop fastened on the kitchen top.

Tall Kitchen Cabinets

They are available in different depths and extend from flooring to ceiling. The commonly used cabinets include 12″ and 24″. Taller kitchen ceilings should be considered to accommodate the spacious and beautiful looking cabinets perfectly.

Thermo Foil Kitchen Cabinets –

These cabinets use a vinyl material to cover the outside part of both traditional and modern cabinet doors. They are considered as protective and water resistant. The presence of thermo foil makes the cleaning smooth and easy. They cover the entire kitchen cabinet doors and make them easy to clean up than the high pressure laminates. This means, you won’t find any dirt deposited in buckling seams.

American Style or Framed Kitchen Cabinets –

These cabinets come with traditional style. The front edge of the framed box gets connected to a face frame or hardwood door. They perfectly fit into an uneven wall surface. Framed kitchen cabinets are sturdy and resistant to deformation than frameless cabinets.

Frameless or European Kitchen Cabinets –

Frameless kitchen cabinets come with perfectly finished panels on both sides edged with a laminate strip. The cabinet doors conceal the cabinet box perfectly and give a seamless appearance. Actually, frameless cabinets are originated in Europe and become popular throughout the USA.

Glass Kitchen Cabinets –

Want to add a decorative touch to your modern kitchen? Why don’t you invest in glass kitchen cabinets! They enable you to showcase your valuable dishes and stemware as well as give a sleep contemporary appearance.

Kitchen Cabinets with Sliding Doors –

Some kitchen designers are offering kitchen cabinets with sliding doors. These doors can operate in a vertical way and are used in top mounted cupboard. These cabinets are ideal for small modern style kitchens as they help in maximizing the overall space.

Conclusion –

When searching for more inspirations on kitchen cabinets during your kitchen renovation in NYC, you should reach out to your professional kitchen remodelers as soon as possible.