The thing to know about when starting a food delivery app or any on-demand services app is that you don’t have to start everything from scratch. Most platforms out there have only cosmetic changes. I’m not saying that your platform will be exactly the same. But even if you have a lot of new features, the overall app will run on similar foundations.

So, my opinion is that you don’t build it from scratch. That will cost you a little more than you need to be spending as a new business. A whole app build from scratch will take several months of development and testing, and you will have to hire developers and designers for the whole time. This might cost you anywhere from $8000 to $10000. This number will change depending on where you are and whom you hire but this the general idea.

The better option would be to buy an ubereats clone app from a company that has it and asks them to customize it according to your business. An uber eats clone app will have all of the features you need already available in it. You can add more features as you like. These companies usually ask for hourly pay for the customization process. This way, you can get away with paying like $5000 to $6000. You can then concentrate on getting your business up and running. They would also help you with listing your app on app stores like Apple Store and Google Playstore. Hope this helps.

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