Thinking of studying in Manchester? Great choice! Are you feeling a little anxious about how much it is actually going to cost? Well, in our experience, information is the answer to every kind of anxiety. That is why today, we will break down the different aspects of living in Manchester and how much they might end up costing. We will be talking about everything from finding the right student accommodation Manchester to how much you can expect to spend on your food and commute!

How Much Do the Accommodations Cost?

Manchester is a student city which means that it has a healthy student population. This is something that will benefit you tremendously in the long run. The larger the student population, the greater are the student accommodation options to choose from. Usually, this means that you will be able to find accommodation to fit any budget. Let us now look at some of the best student halls in Manchester and how much can you be expected to pay for them!


– Moss Court at £94 per week

– IQ Manchester Gardens at £108 per week

– Daisybank Villas at £115 per week


– 2 Lombard Grove at £134 per week

– Ropemaker Court at £140 per week

– Heald Court at £149 per week


– IQ Kerria Apartments at £211 per week

– Vita Student First Street at £238 per week

– Iconic @ Roomzzz at £270 per week

How Much Does Transportation Cost?

There are several ways of getting around Manchester and you can choose the one that suits your budget and personal situation the most. For example, for students living near the university, it is possible to walk and save money but for someone else, it might not be a practical option. Similarly, you can choose between bus routes and railway lines to figure out which is the better choice for you. Here are a few things that might give you an idea. You can expect to spend the following when getting to uni/work by


– £0 as it is free


– £233 for the bike

If you decide to buy a bicycle, this is the average cost of a bike and probably all that you will need to spend. If your accommodation offers bike storage, even better!


– £165 for two terms or 6 months

If you decide to get a student pass, this is how much you will be expected to pay for 6 months!


– £111 per month

You can get a monthly ticket and pay a little over 100 pounds for your train travel. However, if you are planning on travelling less than four days a week, it is advisable to buy the tickets as and when you go. If you have a student pass, you can expect to get ⅓ of the price off.

How Much Does the Food Cost?


If you are on a shoestring budget, you can actually make your money stretch when it comes to food by simply cooking at home. Here is a breakdown of how much or how little you can spend and still enjoy healthy, delicious food.


– Oatmeal (under £2 per meal)

– Bread and eggs (under £2 per meal)

– Cereal (under £3 per meal)

– Beans on toast (under £2 per meal)

– Smoothie (under £3 per meal)


– Pasta (under £2 per meal)

– Sandwich (under £2 per meal)

– Stir Fry with Rice (under £2 per meal)

– Lentil curry with bread (£1 per meal)

– Wrap (under £2 per meal)


– Nourish bowls (under £3 per meal)

– One-pot pasta (under £2 per meal)

– Quinoa Bowl (under £3 per meal)

– Burritos (under £2 per meal)

– Soup with bread (under £2 per meal)

When eating out, you can expect to spend anywhere between £5 and £50 per meal, depending on where you choose to eat and what you eat.

According to the above breakdown, you can be spending as little as £526 per month to as much as £2,000 per month, and more on your accommodation, food and transportation. The other costs can include the money you spend when visiting new places, eating out and partying with friends, the money you spend on your books, clothes, shoes, etc.