What is countertop wrap?

It is self explainable in itself. Countertop wraps are wallpaper-like material with a sticky backing and applied directly on your existing countertop easily.

It is available in various designs, colors, and materials. Most of the peel of countertops are PVC vinyl-based wraps having different patterns printed. The patterns are similar to the marble of hard finish material to give the flooring effect to the countertop wrap.

As the name suggests peel off countertops are the solution than a permanent fix. You can simply change it whenever you want and it doesn’t cost you too much that you have to think about it very much to replace it. Those who are not fans of quick fixes can also find this option recommendable. Although it better to fix it with peel off instead of getting a whole new countertop. And if you do not like the wrapping after some time and you want your old look back. You can simply undo it get it back.

Countertop wraps application and removal.

Choose the thickest wrap you can afford. It will give you the hard look of a new countertop. It is as simple, satisfying, and easy as peeling off the sticker. Thicker its consistency the better consistency of product to hold scratching and bumps.

While sticking on the corners and turns make sure you use a plate-like tool to give a seamless finish even on the corners. Make sure you buy some extra material in case you run some of it on the first go. The slow and steady you go. The better outcome is.

For removal, simply melt the countertop wrap from the corner and peel it off from the surface sam as you peeled it off from its backing. Use heat in case if it stocks somewhere in between.

When you should avoid it

It is the best option to give a new look to the countertop instead of investing in getting new. but, in some of the cases, it is not recommendable and preferable. 

  • When your countertop has a lot of bumps and uneven surfaces. Don’t prefer to go for peel-off because it will not stick perfectly and give you the worst look.
  • Avoid peel off countertop wraps if your countertop is very old or has broken cracks on it. Prefer changing it fully instead of covering those cracks.
  • If you habit to put excessive hot vessels or tools on the surface. It gets melt by excessive thus, don’t prefer peel-offs if you have a habit to put hot vessels on it.

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