The use of round area rugs is a fantastic way to pull the room of your home together. You can place the furniture partially or completely on the top of the rug for defining an ambiguous space. Barclay Butera round rugs are a fabulous way of transforming the aesthetics of your home when it comes to defining the areas of your home.

The modern home design having an open living is excellent for traffic flow and entertaining. One can define these areas by adding round area rugs in that space.

In the dining room

You can use these round rugs for visually isolating the room. One can make the dining table area features prominent by placing a circular rug directly below the round table and allows sufficient room for the chairs.

The round shape of the rugs offers a pleasing feel to the room, and the area rug gives definition and boundaries to the dining room.

For the living room

In a similar way as of dining room, these large round rugs also help in establishing your living room. You can place the sofa and center table on the rugs for adding visual interest to the room. It will not only change the look of your home but also gives your living room soothing and comfortable.

For the dull area of your home

If the area of your home is boring and dull, then you should try the Barclay round area rugs. These large round rugs are available in many different colors and also in various patterns. You can use the earth toned colors for a soothing feel, and it can be understated. It also gives your room an added oomph. The use of pastel or muted colors is perfect for softening the feeling of your room.

The addition of softening colors is capable of changing the focus of your room and makes your room looks instantly better.

To draw the attention

You can place the area rug in the middle of your room to make it the center of attraction forever individual, who came to visit in your home. You can place the area rug closer to one of the walls if you have a narrow room. It will help you to shift the visual focus and for producing an impression of more area.

If in a home, there is a lack of entryway, you can use a large circular rug near the doorway for offering the illusion of an entry. In this way, one can easily use a round rug for defining, enhancing, and even create a visual appearance in the space of your home, where they don’t even actually exist.

There are very few home d├ęcor items available in the market that can offer the same finish as offered by the Barclay Butera round rugs. These decorative flooring pieces look excellent on the floor and provides a smooth finish. It also changes the flow of the room and also creates new areas in your living space.