ANTI-HBV (Hepatitis B Virus) DRUG

HOO-IMM PLUS has teamed up with completely new HOOPATIN, novel, pioneering and transforming ideas from HOOTONE REMEDIES to medical science. It is a safe and effective Indian medicine to help all types of Hepatitis, especially HBV and HCV in terms of level and severity.

HOO-IMM PLUS has teamed up with HOOPATIN to work on our pioneering goal: –
It prevents viral replication and DNA polymerase virus Hepatitis B virus.
Immuno Restorative & Hepato Protectors
Treatment And Prophylaxis For Inactive Diseases.
Encourage and maintain physical activity in the body.
How HOO-IMM PLUS works in combination with HOOPATIN
Hepatitis (B & C):
It inhibits DNA polymerase, an enzyme needed for the hepatitis B virus to reproduce.
To protect Hepato, detoxify the liver from the harmful effects of daily exposure to water and airborne food poisoning.
Inhibition of DNA polymerase virus Hepatitis B virus and activity that increases the virus.
It relieves congestion and stress conditions of the liver and regulates gallstones.
It speeds up protein synthesis, thereby stimulating cell regeneration.
It prevents liver cell damage and improves the production of antibodies.
Tones up the functions of vital organs.
Reduce the development of diseases.
Reduce and eliminate the risk of opportunistic infections.
It is rarely resistant to many drugs.
It is safe and free of side effects and contraindications.
Completely free from any harmful ingredients such as lead or steroid.
The patient’s immune system, energy and vitality are restored to enable us to live a healthier life.
It also applies to the following diseases:
Toxic liver / body diseases.
Acute Viral Hepatitis,
Chronic Hepatitis,
Chronic, violent Hepatitis,
Liver cirrhosis; Jaundice
Conversion of Liver Fat

Safety data from animal studies, Steroids & Metal free Certified.hbv cure,cure hbv,hepatitis b virus,hepatitis,hepititis b

Toxological, Stability Stability Study studies were also successfully conducted from the FDA Approved Lab. These drugs have been shown to be free of Steroids or Heavy Metals.
Also, the State and Public Drug Control Laboratory Maharashtra State, Mumbai, testing and evaluation certificate, demonstrates the safety of drugs in all metals, steroids, chemicals and other harmful ingredients.
A better understanding of the drug and its effectiveness in combating HBV and HCV virus should be evaluated above and conducted studies from any reputable and well-equipped facility.
1) Drug Sensitivity Test to determine the level of drug resistance of HBV and HCV.
2) Invivo Clinical studies to detect general improvement and patient health.
3) RNA viral load / Real-time RT-PCR Measurement tests to assess the rate of viral load reduction in patients in the first month, 2nd month and 3rd month of treatment.
In clinical studies of Invivo people, the drug was administered as a treatment for HBV & HCV patients by the HAKH Medical Foundation and the patient’s physical and disease development was properly documented, controlled by routine and all HBV / HCV blood tests performed by Molecular Diagnostic Services in accordance with RR and reports and blood samples are stored for more than 3-5 years.

Clinical trials of the drug have revealed the following improvements in patients:

A 7-8 dose decrease in HBV / HCV virus count within 5-6 weeks of treatment.
The viral load decreased below the available range (> 100) within 5-7 months of treatment.
Gains 4-6 pounds in weight in 2-4 months.
Relief from HBV / HCV symptoms.
Prophylactic to combat opportunistic infections.
Patient treatment for 6-8 months had a negative HCV record with the HCV DNA PCR Antigen Test.

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