With Valentine’s day around the corner, I was amazed to find custom packaging boxes being used in the jewelry industry in various shapes and sizes. I have recently started interning in a printing and packaging company. Although, I have been selected in the management department. After visiting the print facility, I was amazed at finding cardboard-based custom boxes use in various industries. As I walked through the mall today, I noticed the custom packaging boxes at the various retails. I entered a jewelry shop to buy a pair of earrings, I was pleasantly surprised at the mini-pyramid custom packaging boxes they were packed in. I realized the extent to which custom retail packaging has evolved. Most companies have switched from plastic-based packaging options to these because of the many benefits they offer. These benefits can be enjoyed by the respective companies and their customers as well.

To get a better understanding of its usage, I asked the sales rep if it were possible for her, to show me some samples of the custom jewelry boxes that she had in the shop. The kind woman Anne agreed to show me five samples in custom jewelry packaging that were considered innovative and trending. The first one was in the shape of a mini-pyramid. I had already bought it as well. This wonderful custom box was a perfect choice for packaging small jewelry items. It made a perfect gift box too. The flaps of the triangle came together and interlocked, securing the item inside. It had matte laminated jet-black finishing and was golden at the tip. The brand name was printed on the front with the care instructions and company information printed on the flap that made the base of the pyramid. It looked elegant and impressive.

The second custom jewelry packaging was even more elegant and just perfect for Valentine’s Day. These were ox-blood red heart-shaped custom boxes. They were even lined with foam inserts to make sure that the jewelry items remain safe against impacts and other damaging factors. This foam padding made sure that the jewelry items do not roll inside the box and get damage. These boxes had pretty little hearts in multiple colors printed on the lid. The lid was shiny and glossy because of the gloss lamination used on it. The third box she showed me was custom rigid boxes. It had magnetic closure lids that offered seamless opening and closing. These were used for packing the premium jewelry items. They also had little customized stickers and buttons carrying messages of love for the recipients. These boxes looked adorable.

The fourth box was in a dark blue shade that only had the name of the brand, in the center. This brand name was highlighted using hot foil stamping in silver. This customized jewelry packaging also made use of UV spotting to print their logo subtlety on the lids. It was visible on the custom jewelry box lid when the UV caught the light. According to Anne, it was reserved for necklaces. The interior of the box even had an insert on which the necklace was placed. I loved the look and feel of the fifth custom jewelry box sample she showed me. It made use of window-patching on the lids. It allowed the customers to look at the product before even opening it. Working with my company, I have realized that it is a science and skill to create custom packaging boxes.

The companies who order their custom packaging from random companies often have to incur a loss because of their lack of skills. Therefore, the brands must always do proper research about the revered packaging companies in the industry and order their custom jewelry boxes from them.

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