Machine learning was brought into existence in the year 1959 by ARTHUR SAMUEL. Before we talk about the demand and opportunities for machine learning it is very important to understand the idea of introducing machine learning in day-to-day life. What exactly is machine learning? 

For our clear understanding let us take an example. We know humans learn from their past experiences and machines follow instructions given by humans but what if humans can train the machines to learn from their past data and do what humans can do and much faster well that is what is called machine learning. But it’s a lot more than just learning it is also about understanding and reasoning. When we talk about machine learning we are providing our computers, PCs, other devices an algorithm according to which they work. These devices are not having their brains we are providing these devices a brain which is also referred to as ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. And machine learning is a subpart of artificial intelligence.

Now the question arises what is the demand and opportunities for machine learning in India  ??

Machine learning is considered the fastest-growing career in the data science industry. A person can earn enough in this field but the basic requirements include holding good command in mathematics, statistics and good programming skills .you can always improve yourself with time working in this line. As we know how much we are paid is not the only scale to measure if a career is good for you or not it includes various other factors too such as job security, career growth, a reputation that makes a job attractive. So here is a list of:-



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Now let us discuss it all one by one in detail along with the salary package offered in different areas of this field.

DIRECTOR OF ANALYTICS: – It is a senior-level position and the main role of the director of analytics is to analyze and organize the technological, financial, human resources to address the business requirements. Director of analytics earns an average salary of 3,719,375 rupees per annum in India.

PRINCIPAL SCIENTIST: – It is one of the highest-paying machine learning jobs in India. The role of a principal scientist is to conduct research in laboratories and provide innovative and high-end data science projects. Another key responsibility is to make sure that the team has the necessary resources to undertake the assigned tasks and everything runs smoothly. The average package includes 1,622,900 rupees per annum.

COMPUTER SCIENTIST :- As a computer scientist, your role is to develop websites and create applications for mobile is one of the best machine learning jobs available in India offering an average package of 1,843,353 rupees per annum.

DATA SCIENTIST: – the role of a data scientist is to extract meaning from the data to do this they have to apply various machine learning skills. Data scientist plays a major role in business analysis. To make a career in the field of data scientist one should have the proper knowledge of various data tools such as map-reduce, hive, spark, pig, statistical computing such as SQL   python, etc. salary includes 698,413 rupees per annum which are increased by experience.

Statistician: – It includes quantitative analysis of data and is the highest paying job in the field of machine learning nowadays. the average salary includes rupees 508,647 per annum 

MACHINE LEARNING ENGINEER: – To be an ML engineer in India one should have a great     knowledge of python, java, SCALA. The average salary of a Machine learning engineer includes 691,892 rupees per annum.

RESEARCH ENGINEER: – The development of new technology products is the primary responsibility of a research engineer in India .these professionals improve the existing system by implementing research. Salary includes 709,323 rupees per annum.

COMPUTER VISION ENGINEER:-Those looking forward to a career in this field should build their computer engineering research skills and explore how to handle computer vision libraries. The average includes 528,464 rupees per annum

DATA ENGINEER: – It is one of the best machine learning jobs in India. The main role is to develop information processes includes data mining, modeling and many more .salary includes 868,951 rupees per annum.

ALGORITHM ENGINEER:-It includes working on algorithms writing algorithm designing and its implementation the salary package of an algorithm engineer is 732301 Rupees per annum. 

That was all regarding career opportunities for machine learning in India. Making machine learning as a career is one of the best option a person can choose in 21st century and earn ample amount of money through the same with proper knowledge and skills.