While taking essay help from Google or your friends, have you noticed the difference in English? Or while watching movies on Netflix the accent or vocabulary have been felt different.

Well, there have been many incidents. For example, MacDonald is giving a ‘buy one get one’ offer on French fries and not for chips? Why do people call it going to watch a movie in the US and the Cinema in Britain?

There are ample reasons that their vocabulary, tone, and even style differ. Further, there are a few characters that either go missing or are given an extra sound effect.


Key Differences between American English and British English?

It all started when the Brits started ruling in early America. While being there, they had to interact with Native Americans.

However, after the Americans got independence from British rule, they established the United States. Ultimately, a different version of English was born.

1. Different Accent:

Going through a very general difference that ‘r’ is usually unspoken by the British (unless it’s the first character of a word). while Americans like to pronounce each ‘r’ in a word.

For example, an American would say ‘darling’ pronouncing ‘r’ than a British saying ‘daahling’ leaving it apart.

However, sometimes distinguishing an American accent from a brits accent is a bit difficult. Because citizens from the same country but different cities also have a difference in speaking.


2. Vocabulary:

In the US you would get ‘trainers’ (a pair of shoes) at a discount but in Britain, a discount on ‘sneakers’ is all you will get.

Further, if you call an American house ‘Homely- ugly’ or you may get in trouble but your British friend would love to get ‘Homely- comfortable or cozy’ without any trouble.


3. Grammar:

In American English, recent activity is acceptable in present perfect while leveraging simple past in sentences. On the contrary, in British English, it has to be structured in the present perfect tense.

For example:  “I broke the door lock, will she recognize that?” and “I have broken the door lock, will she recognize that?”.


4. Spelling:

Often, the difference in spelling is visible with extra letters missing in American English and the responsible man is none but Noah Webster.

For example, ‘Humor’, ‘Apologize’ in American English would be written as ‘Humour’ and ‘Apologize/Apologise.

Further, to travel from America to Seoul you will catch the ‘Airplane’ which refers to ‘Aeroplane’ in British English.


5. Punctuations:

One of the most noticeable differences is with the quotation mark. In America, the dates and periods (full stop) are kept inside the quotation while just opposite in British English.

For example, in American English- James will have a meeting “this afternoon.”

In British English- James will have a meeting “this afternoon” .

In George Bernard Shaw’s words, the United States and Great Britain are two countries separated by a common language. As far as essay assignment help is concerned, English is the most spoken language on the planet so it has to be flexible. If you accidentally use one instead of the other, it’s alright.