• Buying a lace wig can be exciting, but it can be a headache when you have no idea about how to choose a suitable lace wig or what kind of lace is more comfortable. So it’s best to learn some basic knowledge and tips about lace wigs for helping you choose the best wigs online.


  • We can classify the lace wigs into five categories according to the lace area of the wigs
    1. lace front wigs
    The lace front wig is partly made by machine and the rest is hand-made. The lace frontal covers the area from one ear to another. This part is made by hand, and it helps make the wig look natural and part the hair to create different styles.
    2. Lace Closure Wigs
    The lace of the lace closure wig sits at the middle top of the head. The rest is made by machine and the cap makes it more convenient to wear and stay stable.
    3. Full Lace Wigs
    The full lace wig is entirely made by hand with lace that covers the whole scalp. So it offers more space for you to create hairstyles. But it cost more comparing the other lace wigs.
    4. Fake Scalp Wigs
    The fake scalp wig offers more convenience:
    No bald cap needed.
    No bleaching knots are needed.
    No cornrow needed.
    No plucking is needed.
    No wig cap needed.
    So it is a beginner-friendly and easy-go type of wig.
    5. Lace Part Wigs
    The lace part wigs have a seam part that is made of lace. And it is also easy to wear because of a strip of lace in the middle and the rest is the cap which is made by machine. And it has no need to bleach the knots and use the combs and adjustable straps instead of glue to secure the wig.


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