Urban Fitness is a Gym built outside the homes in a public park with all fitness equipment fitted into the ground.

In public parks, each day you will meet new people of any age whose little smile and their interest in fitness will inspire you a lot. Don’t forget a single smile in a day is one of the best medicines for a healthy life.

No doubt benefits of exercises are endless like body flexibility, increased strength, and coordination. If this includes fresh air and morning sun lights then you will get a combination of inspired people of all ages and healthy life.

There are several urban gym equipments. Some of them we have chosen for you. Let’s have a look at that.

Types of Urban Gym Equipment

Types of urban gym outdoor equipment depend on the nature of parks, locality, and the visitors. There is no limit to fitness equipment, including all the machines or fixtures in different locations for outdoor recreation.

These machines are categorized into strength training, simple fitness, or resistance training. Some basic exercise equipment that normally every park uses are balancing beams, parallel dip bars, pull-up bars, etc.

But as the people are looking forward more towards their fitness before than anything else, we have listed some of the new fitness equipment which people love to use these days.

  1. Abshape – Used for building arm shapes and increases power to lift
  2. Backshape – Used for Hyperextension exercise
  3. Balance Board – Main Exercise is balancing, used to improve balance and coordination
  4. Handbike – The main exercise is Handbiking to boost your heart rate
  5. Hipwave – Used for ski swing to shaping hips especially for women and relieve back pain
  6. Leg Push – Leg Push is an excellent way to strengthen your legs
  7. Knee Raise – Knee raise equipment is used for increasing muscular size and strength of Knees
  8. Crossfit – Crossfit exercises are very known among many gyms, these exercises are used for agility, balance, and flexibility.
  9. Powerpull – Powerpull is great exercise equipment to open up the body and work the muscles in the arms
  10. Rowfit – Also known as rowing ergometers or ergs, this strengthens and tones muscles

At Denfit, our team works on the latest methodologies and provides customized exercise equipment for people of all ages. We are the supplier of high-end fitness equipment and offer a complete range of fitness equipment for all types of outdoor exercises. We are working on this idea especially for those who love to remain active and looking for opportunities to workout especially in the outdoor parks and recreational areas.