Every once in a while, a company comes along that just revolutionizes the way that a certain thing is made or carried out. As far as tractor manufacturing and servicing is concerned, DIGITRAC is that name that has build a foundation and is growing exponentially, both online and in the hearts of people.

DIGITRAC has a great online presence which makes all of its products and services easily accessible to one and all. It is a company that has no dearth of creativity when it comes to tractor manufacturing and with their world-class craftsmanship, has decidedly taken Indian tractors to new heights. This article is for those who are still not acquainted with the giant that is DIGITRAC. In the following section of the article, we have highlighted few of the many services that DIGITRAC is providing and have also elucidated on the top-tier tractors that they are manufacturing.


THE DIGITRAC TRACTORS – The culmination of hard work and skill


DIGITRAC currently has three world-class tractors (DIGITRAC PP 43i, DIGITRAC PP 46i & DIGITRAC PP 51i) available to the Indian public and each of them is a monster in it’s own right. Rigged with state-of-the art equipment, these tractors are built to perform and deliver, no matter what. They are durable, high-functioning and also provide a level of comfort that you have not known before.


  • These tractors are among the most powerful tractors in the market. DIGITRAC has 60HP, 47HP and 50 HP tractors with engines that can clock up to 2000RPM, 1850RPM and 2200RPM, respectively.
  • All of the tractor models come equipped with QRC and with Double Acting Spool Valve.
  • They come with two of the leading and most advanced reduction techniques when it comes to tractors: helical bull pinion reduction and EPI reduction.
  • DIGITRAC tractors (all three of them) come with balanced power steering
  • Each of the tractor models have impressive heavy hydraulic lift capacities that range between 1800kg and 2000kg.
  • They all come with 8f + 2r constant mesh gearboxes.
  • The DIGITRAC tractors are extremely fuel-efficient and come equipped with dual clutch.
  • The DIGITRAC PP 43i comes with Live ADDC + Sensi-1 while DIGITRAC PP 46i and DIGITRAC PP 51i come with Live ADDC.
  • All of the DIGITRAC tractors have 540 + MRPTO.


DIGITRAC SERVICES – Prompt and Professional


One of the reasons that the Indian crowd is so fond of DIGITRAC is because of their incredibly advanced tractors. The second reason is the quality and promptness of their services and these services are as follows:


  1. Tractor Loans – Gone are the days when you had to visit a number of different banks to get a tractor loan that levies a heavy interest and makes it a total nightmare. Thanks to DIGITRAC you can get tractor loans easily.
  2. Tractor Insurance – Insurance is essential, especially when it comes down to the expensive and valuable things you own, like your tractors. This is yet another service that has been made available to you by DIGITRAC.
  3. Tractor Evaluation – If you are planning on selling off your old, second hand tractor, DIGITRAC can help you evaluate your old tractor and tell you exactly how much you can get by selling it off.
  4. Tractor Demo – Since these machines are far more advanced than most of the other tractors, it is easy to get confused as to how the things work. You can request for a demo and DIGITRAC will send you a professional for a doorstep demo within 6 hours.


So visit the DIGITRAC website today and know all there is to know about this up and coming tractor manufacturer. To make a purchase or to avail their services, simply download the DIGITRAC app on your phone.