With thousands of people already using it, d’link 1330 does not need any introduction. By carrying out a quick setup, you can easily make settings for your Wi-Fi. This means you’ll be able to make quick configurations and access your device settings within 10 minutes.

Steps For D’link 1330 Extender

1 – First you need to scan the available wireless outlet until you see a default signal from your d’link 1330. While doing this, look for a wireless configuration note inside the box. The note should contain the default password and the wireless network name.

2- Look for any available wall outlet near your router and then plug in the DAP 1330. You need to wait until you see that the power is blinking.

3- Once you are connected to the signal, open up your web browser so you can be automatically be redirected to the d’link configuration page. From here, you just need to click on the button to start the next wizard.

4- Next, you should place d’link 1330 extender device and modem next to each other. Note: Where you are putting your devices must have enough power. If there isn’t enough power supply, problems may arise with the WPS settings.

5-Press the WPS button from the router. Since d’link 1330 is universally accepted, you can comfortably use them for any router or modem.

6- Once you’ve been given a Wi-Fi connection set up, you just need to choose how to configure it. You can either use Wi-Fi or WPS set up or manual set up. If you don’t know which WPS to use or if you don’t know whether your router supports it or not, go with the manual option. This way, the system is going to scan all the available networks so you can know the available ones.

7- You then need to place a dot next to the network before moving down and clicking on the connect button. If your wireless network is security enabled, it will ask for your Wi-Fi password.

8- Here you’ll see your extended Wi-Fi network name and your extended password. If you want to change the information, you should erase the Wi-Fi network name before entering in a new wireless password. Once done, you should change the default password by erasing it before entering your new password.

9-Since there is an option that allows you to use the same name and password, you are not obligated to change them. However, when using a repeater or an extended, it’s important that you keep separate names. This will allow you to know the kind of wireless signal you are connected to. The best thing is to leave the box unchecked before moving to the next button.

10-This is all you need if you want to configure your new d’link 1330 Wi-Fi extender device. Once your devise has been added to your network, you’ll be able to connect all your laptops, computers, and other machines to your new network name. Make sure your router device and d’link Wi-Fi extender names are different.

11-After all these, the DAP will reboot to allow your new settings to be applied. Once complete, you are going to be disconnected. This means you must scan again to look for any available networks. This will allow your internet to start working normally.

Reach D’link Experts For D’link 1330 Extender Setup

At the end of the day, you’ll realize that dlinkap.local 1330 is relatively easy to set up. Given that it supplies a strong internet, it’s well worth the investment for the dead spots. If managed well, it will work just fine as a range extender. Many users not able to do the D’link 1330 extender setup at their own. Just reach experts for any help.