If you play sports, you need to be careful not only with the choice of sportswear and shoes but also with your innerwear, especially the bra.

The best sports bra to avoid a bounce is not only a beautiful accessory but also a necessity that allows you to preserve the beauty and health of a woman’s breasts. Since women’s breasts are mostly fatty tissue, they can lose firmness and stretch without proper support during sports Sports wear protects against irritation, the growth of microorganisms and prevents unpleasant odors.

Why Do Breast Bounce?

It is a fact that every girl knows; when moving, of course, our breasts bounce, especially if you are only using your regular bra. But do you know why they bounce so much and why they aren’t given better natural support?

Breasts are the most affected by gravity, given little natural support to hold them in place. They are primarily made of soft tissue with the only support offered by ‘Cooper’s Ligaments.’ Well, these are easily damaged by excessive breast movement. There are no muscles within the breast to better keep them in place.

Why do you need to wear a sports bra?

One of the main reasons girls should wear the best sports bra to control bounce while exercising is to protect the cooper’s ligaments in their glands.

When performing a dynamic exercise, a woman’s chest tends to bounce. If it is not restricted in movement, then there is a risk of stretching or even rupturing the cooper ligaments.

Choose a high-impact sports bra that suits your intended activity

When buying a sports bra, you should pay attention to the following points:


The main reason our breasts bounce during exercise is a poorly fitted bra. You can buy the trending sports bra, but if it doesn’t fit correctly, it won’t help you!

The size in sports models is defined in the same way as in conventional bras. The last size is equal to the difference between the breast volume and the previously taken measurement. But such a system of measurements is adopted only for models with cups.


It is better for girls with a breast size of more than “two” to purchase models with cups. They can be soft or hard, molded. The first option is more comfortable, and the second provides help to control the movement of your breast. Therefore, you need to choose to take into account the type of sports load.


The seams on the models must be of high quality, that is, strong and always flat. If you buy a bra with ordinary seams, then after training, red “scars” will occur on the body, that is, traces of seams that “cut” into the body. You can also choose a seamless bra for sports.


The straps should be wide. Thin ones will not be able to control breast movement and will stretch faster. Make sure that they fit comfortably on your shoulders and do not slip with each movement.

The straps can have a fixed length, but it is better to choose a model that allows you to adjust it.


Sports bras are available both without fasteners and with this functional element.

If you choose a bra with a fastener, pay attention to models with a zipper since such bras are the most comfortable. However, there are also sports bras on sale with traditional fittings – hooks and loops.

With this information, you can simply make the best choice and buy a high-impact sports bra that will help you for a long time “faithfully.”

Take care of your health, be attentive to the little things and exercise freely!