You can apply for any Australian visa either yourself or with the support of an expert, such as a migration agent. There is no obligation to hire a migration agent, you can decide for yourself whether and how much support you need. So if you are sure and you trust yourself to apply and process it yourself, nothing speaks against it.


However, if you are still unsure how exactly the path should look, a migration agent can offer support and security. Of course, this cannot change anything in your personal initial situation and also have no influence on preferred or faster processing of your application to the Department of Home Affairs. An experienced migration agent can usually give you a realistic assessment of the chances of success during the initial consultation, check for you whether there are any risks in your case and, if so, how best to address them and give you an individual recommendation as to which route to take one should take it.


While it is, of course, part of the job of a migration agent to ensure that forms are filled out correctly and documents are forwarded, the added value that an experienced migration agent offers is primarily to find the right strategy for your individual situation, to make your application so meaningful as possible and to prepare your case and all submitted documents in a comprehensible manner for a third party, to structure them conclusively and to support them with a convincing brief.

Behind every Australian visa there are legal regulations and a legal process, regardless of whether it is a short-term tourist visa or a partner visa with a permanent residence permit. While the requirements for short-term Australian visas are usually quite specific and clearly defined, with more complex visas, such as a partner visa with more complex legal bases, one has to do with a leeway of interpretation and discretion. This means that it is not just a matter of ticking the right place in the form, but of correctly applying the underlying laws and arguing conclusively why the legal requirements are met in a specific individual case.

Can You Get a Permanent Residency with The Partner Visa?


A partner visa allows you to stay in Australia permanently. This can be done either directly or through a visa that is initially limited. Because partner visas are divided into two stages. The applicant is first granted a temporary visa. In the second step, if the connection persists after two years, permanent residency will be given.

However, if the applicant and the sponsor can prove that they already have a long-term relationship and have been together for more than 3 years, the authorities can also skip the first phase and grant the applicant a permanent residence permit directly. This is at the discretion of the Australian authorities and depends on how carefully the longstanding relationship has been demonstrated.