The designs of loading dock and door equipment have changed a lot in the last decade. Choosing the perfect door tools ensures your safety and much commercial profit. But selecting the vital leveler is way more daunting than it seems; you have to select an option from various types. Worry not; today, with the help of this post, we will share every information regarding how the choose the optimal loading dock leveler; keep reading.

Types of dock levelers!

Levelers bridge the gap and height difference between your dock and the vehicle. And when you have the right system fixed, the unloading becomes easy. It also decreases the risk of accidents. If we talk about the types, then were two main components with different load capacity and specific cleaning needs.

Recessed dock levelers

These dock levelers are capable of high range and giving a long life expectancy. Recessed dock levelers are drive into three types of operators-

  • Mechanical, spring-loaded dock leveler: This particular system uses chains, pulleys, and fulcrums to complete the function. It provides the benefit of a single adjustment point for high strength, durability, and easy walk down of loading docks and doors.
  • Air-powered push-button dock leveler: The power of high volume, single push-button control, system, and maximum reliability benefits this leveler.
  • Push-button hydraulic dock leveler: push-button hydraulic dock leveler is the vital choice for high-traffic loading docs because they are costly and high maintenance. 

Edge of dock levelers

If you want a leveler for slight variation in truck bed height and light volume loading bays, you may go with the edge of dock levelers. They are best for those businessmen who work on a minor level. They are also available in mechanical and hydraulic options.

These are the popular types of dock levelers; now, you can easily choose one according to your needs.


Levelers are an essential part of dock and door equipment. Choosing the right leveler ensures your safety and long-term reliability for your business. Recessed and the edge of dock levelers are two popular types( they are also divided into different categories.)

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