Depression, the word we all are well aware of and also many of us dealing with it. It is a mental condition which range from moderate to extreme where a person feels uninterested in doing any of the daily activities, a constant feeling of sadness, feeling a void inside, being a broken mess and after too much feeling of these feeling it ultimately causes numbness and making one feel devoid of any emotions. 

Factors which leads to depression

Depression isn’t caused by one factor but several factors lead to depression. The psychiatric illness anxiety and depression share a very close relationship. Too much being anxious about certain things in life can lead to depression. It is a web where one event leads to another and to fight depression, this web needs to be broken. 

Severe depression is life threatening

Severe depression is very dangerous for a person, one may develop suicidal behaviour or start walking in the road of insanity. Moderate or severe any form of depression should be treated as early as possible. 

Help yourself and others fight depression 

If you are someone fighting with depression reading this blog, stop staying in the dark side and seek help from your family, friends or the most effective psychotherapist. You need to get out of this state of mind. Life is not as bad as it seems, there is a solution for everything and every problem of life. 

If you are someone reading this blog and knows any family members or friends dealing with depression, advise them to join counseling sessions for depression. Let’s help each other come out from this dark frame of mind, let’s try saving ourselves and our loved ones who are dealing with depression from another suicidal attempt. They need to know life isn’t worthless, they need to know if there is negativity, there is also positivity. 

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