If you want to download and also activate Microsoft office 2010,  you are at the right place, you are just advised to follow the steps given below cautiously and carefully. 

Before we move on to the steps to activate MS Office 2010 without a product key let us look at the features that the MS Office provides its users. 

Features Of MS Office 2010 –

  1. It will have a new feature of the advanced image along with the media editing tools. 
  2. Now the users can copy from multiple options and then save together which will save both time and effort. 
  3. You will be provided with an additional summary of your data and also the significant details about it. 
  4. A new feature of the Broadcast Slide show has also been added in the latest version of it. 

Steps to Follow to Activate the Microsoft Office 2010 crack – 

  1. Firstly you have to visit the site and then copy the code earlier and then copy it in a new text document. 
  2. Once you have copied the code in a new document you have to save it as a batch file which will be named Office2010.cmd for further Microsoft Office Professional plus 2010 product key
  3. Now, you will have to run the file that you saved as Office2010.cmd as an administrator file to activate Windows without a product key. 


  4. As soon as you will run it as an administrator your Microsoft Office 2010 activator process is completed and you have successfully activated it without the product key also. 

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