There are all sorts of Photography out there. Back in those days when photography started, they had camera that would require a big suitcase to be carried. It would require a huge stand or tripod. It also required a big piece of drop cloth or light blocking clothe for the photographer so that he could see the focused object. It was extremely inconvenient to carry those cameras but that’s all they had at that time. Over time, technology progressed and photography made its own progress as well. Now a days, we have high end cameras built into our small smartphones that captures amazing Photography. Professional photographers have cameras that is capable of taking pictures of anything on God’s green each. Whether it is the swimming dolphin in the middle of the ocean or the flying falcon in the middle of the sky, there is a camera to capture those shots. If those shots are to be used for commercial purposes, professional retouch studios are out there to assist in editing those photos.  

Photography vs. Photo Editing 

There is no direct comparison between these two. In a way, these are complements to each other. Photo editing cannot be done without the photography. Commercial product photography as well as some event photography require professional level of photo editing so that they can be commercially published.  

Some photographers edit their own images. It is usually photographers who are less busy and have small practice. They shoot their client images during the day time and edit those images at night. It works for them and they save the money in photo editing cost which is just fine. On the other hand, there are commercial photography studios that is operated by a high end commercial product photographer. These photographers are so busy and have such busy practice that they don’t bother with editing their own images. Not just because they don’t have the time to do it, also because they work with high profile clients that are willing to pay for high quality images. Photographers charge their client for the professional editing to begin with so they don’t bother spending the money in hiring a professional photo editing service company for their post-production edits.  

How to Select the Right Photo Editing Company 

First, you need to figure out your budget. You need to have a budget for your photo editing job and how much you want to spend on outsourcing, it needs to be calculated to begin with.  

If you have budget that is industry standard, you can hire a good professional photo editing or retouching studio. They will do professional quality jobs. They will send your edits back to you on a timely manner. If you are a small photographer or a small ecommerce business, only have a small number of images to be edited here and there, then you can get away with partnering with a small individual freelancer for your post production edits.  

Whichever route you go to, you need to first communicate with the 3rd party and see how it is to work with them. Maybe they offer a trial edit, maybe you send a small job to them to try them out. Just test their edit quality to see if they are capable of producing the level of work you are looking for. It that part goes well, you can consider hiring them.