You want to sell, we understand. And since today selling online has become such a fierce war, you must use all the weapons at your disposal. And one of the most effective is email marketing for your eCommerce. Do you want to know what the basic emails you should send? Keep reading so that we can summarize them in less than 5 minutes of reading. Promised!

1. Welcome email

If someone subscribes to your list, they already have some kind of interest in your online store and know what you sell. Great, a small step for the user, a huge one for your business. But beware, there is still the welcome email. Be original (you can use tools like canvas storytelling ), create a good design and let your new subscriber know that you are happy to see him on your list with a good gift (a discount for his first purchase, for example).

2. Abandoned cart email

It’s happened to you more than once, and you know it. You have more or less clear ideas and you decide to add a product to the cart. So far so good. But then something happens (you see a cool banner about the competition, your phone rings, or you just see the shipping costs…) and suddenly you abandon your cart with everything in it. Well, if it happens to your potential client, giving him a touch to remind him how wonderful those products that he left behind is not too much.

These email marketing basics for eCommerce should be combined with others such as recommendation or thank you.

3. Confirmed order email

This email is one of the most open, as it is the one that confirms to the user that what they bought is well bought. With this in mind, use it well. You should not only use it to tell your new customer that their order is in progress, but also to confirm their belief that buying on your website was a very good decision. And (why not?) to show him other great related products that you have in your online store. And, speaking of which…

4. Email the upselling

It is basic in an eCommerce newsletter to try to increase the value of the order. A good example is on Amazon. How many times have you seen the “usually bought together” where the price of both products is added automatically? Thus, you think that you are not going to spend much more and that, perhaps, it is worth it. Well, if it works for Amazon, why wouldn’t it work for you? Take care of this message, give it a cane and you will see how well it goes for you.

5. News email

The newsletter of a lifetime . To announce new products or collections, news from your blog or the start of a promotion you will always need to send a newsletter to your subscribers. Pamper them and put yourself in the place of your users to know how (here info about copy for email marketing ) they want to receive this type of information.

Hint: if you make them seem like part of their entertainment, your relationship with them will be much easier.

In summary

Done! You already know the basics of email marketing for your eCommerce. That there are many more types of emails in an email strategy for an online store? Of course. Especially if you bet on a corporate blog . But today we talked about the basics. BA-SI-COS. And if you still don’t control them, start rocking them right now!