The most exciting part about a proposal is its ring. It’s a symbol of pure emotions and commitment. The woman you love might wear this ring forever.  Any groom will have a good picture of the sort of ring they want to impress their bride-to-be with. On the other hand, several couples consider marriage long before the engagement, and the bride’s ring choice might come up.

So, do you have a ring in your mind that is as unique and perfect as your bond? If not, worry no more here, we are briefing about certain engagement ring styles for women.  

The Perfect Engagement Ring is the one that symbolizes your eternal bond. Are you planning to go on your knees and propose her? Then Custom Design Jewelry can also make her feel special. 

  • Solitaire Ring 

Solitaires are one of the most common settings for an engagement ring, consisting of a single stone placed on the band. Although this is a simplistic classic, it is remarkably adaptable. The bigger the stone, the more beautiful a ring will look. The choice of stone is also adjustable, depending on taste and budget. Solitaire rings are the most cost-effective because they are simple and classic. 

  • Halo Ring

Halo engagement rings get their name from the halo, or circle of small stones surrounding the center stone on a ring. Halos can come in a range of shapes and sizes round, princess, double, drop, and so on, but their key advantage is that they bring more brilliance to a ring and make the center diamond appear larger. Halo rings can be a perfect choice for budget-conscious brides. 

  • Three-Stone Engagement Rings 

Where a single stone is insufficient, a three-stone setting provides some flexibility. A central stone is accompanied by two side stones in this traditional setting. These stones may be the same size or slightly bigger, diamonds or gemstones, depending on the bride’s preference. It is a traditional yet conventional style. 

  • Eternity Band Engagement Ring

Many typical engagement rings have tiny diamonds or gemstones inserted in the band. An infinity band is one in which these small stones surround the whole length of the band. Eternity rings were first common as a present for an anniversary and did not have a center stone at all, but the striking charm of these gem-encrusted bands has captured the hearts of couples all over the world.

  • Tension Style Ring 

A tension ring is a ring of just one diamond or gemstone. A diamond is usually fixed in place by prongs or a bezel setting. The diamond is held in place by prongs, which are surrounded by a bezel. It’s easy to see how the stone is kept in place. A tension collection, on the other hand, is none of these. The metal holds the diamond or gemstone in place in this setting.


  • Pave Ring

Pave is a diamond ring’s best friend, a simple, cheap, yet stylish way to intensify the impact of an engagement ring she’ll adore. Pave engagement rings have been turning heads for years, whether you want to add sparkle, spotlight a center stone, or make the diamond seem larger.

Getting engaged is a joyous day, and the bride-to-be deserves the best ring and the ring she most desires. Knowing what you want priorly will help guarantee that it happens, and reviewing different styles of engagement rings will provide you with ideas you would not have considered before!