Epson is one of the topmost organization in printers and scanners segment and has become first choice for many people. The scanning machine introduced from epson is equipped with cutting edge innovation which can manage every task easily whether it is tough or not. But sometimes even the greatest devices shows technical errors and same happens with epson scanner too.

The hard error which experience by many epson printer owners is scanner getting fail to scan documents. However, when you begin epson scan software, you will find Epson Scan Cannot Communicate With The Scanner. The scanning process got fail to scan documents and images. Epson Scanner cannot be use for scanning.

What are tha main causes behind Epson Scan Cannot Communicate With The Scanner?

  1. Technical fault with drivers that can lead to epson scanner communication error.
  2. Errors with configuration of printer act as main cause of error in machine.
  3. Due to technical faults with settings can be other reason too.
  4. Technical Error with Administrator Permissions.
  5. Network Errors.


How can I Remove Epson Scan Cannot Communicate With The Scanner?

You can easily fix epson scanner communication error by making use of the troubleshooting techniques mention ahead.

Technique 1: Running Epson Scan Software as Administrator.

The time when there is no communication with scanner, you need to run epson software with administrator permissions.

  1. Right-click on Epson Scan Software for opening properties.
  2. On reaching epson scan properties, you need to find and check the box for running the program in compatible mode and choose Windows OS.
  3. Choose Run this program as administrator.
  4. Click Apply for saving changes.

On running with administrator you need to reboot epson scan for checking if communication with scanner issue is settle or not.


Technique 2: Updating Epson Printer Driver.

The outdated Epson printer drivers can harm performance of epson scanner and can cause communication error. For ensuring that epson scanner runs correctly and easily scan documents then you must visit official epson website.

Driver booster will be able to find and update epson

  1. Go to official Epson Website.
  2. Choose the scanner you are using.
  3. Select the driver package as per your OS.
  4. Download the package.
  5. Double tap the downloaded file.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions for installing latest scanner drivers.

After you update your epson scanner you will find that it is working smoothly and there is no communication error.


Technique 3: New Epson Scanner IP Address.


Mostly, when you connect epson scanner with wireless network, it warns you that epson scanner cannot begin. In many situations, this occur due to poor configuration of network address for epson scanner.

For fixing this issue you need to change IP address of the scanner.

Steps to follow:

  1. Press Windows+E for opening file explorer.
  2. Move to network and choose epson scanner.
  3. Click properties.
  4. From properties tab choose IP address and copy it.
  5. Now you need to add IP address to network addresses.
  6. Find epson scan settings from search box and press enter.
  7. On epson scan settings, search network and add network address.


Well these were some basic troubleshooting techniques that will help you to fix Epson Scan Cannot Communicate With The Scanner error quickly.