Here are some essential things you always need while travelling

Internet Chip in New York:

Anyone traveling to New York doesn’t want to be disconnected, of course. It is not difficult to find a Wi-Fi network available on the city streets. But not everyone likes to be lucky! After all, that victory check-in in NYC tourist spots or that contact with the mother (father, parakeet or parrot) cannot be missed.

It is possible to buy prepaid SIM Card, even in India, with prices starting from $ 250 (5 GB). Another alternative is to buy your data package at the airport. As an internet chip in New York, we opted for the T-Mobile plan, which starts at $35 with 6 GB

System of Measurements in the United States:

Here’s another important tip from New York for Indians: the measurement system in the United States is a little different from that used in India. So when traveling to NYC, keep an eye on this detail. If necessary, perform conversions.

There are really cool apps for both iOS and Android. Don’t let small things complicate your trip.

Note, on one side is the unit used in India, on the other, the US:

  • Meters – Feet (ft) and 1 ft.
  • Kilometers – Miles (m).
  • Centimeters – Inches (in).
  • Grams – Ouces (oz).

Seasons (when traveling to NYC)

The seasons of the year are well marked in the United States. It is possible to plan, in a way, to catch: snow, flowers, falling leaves or too much sun.

Winter: December to March (snow usually falls between January and February), peak season in New York.
Spring: March to June (the city is very flowery).
Summer: June to September (heat, crowded parks and very long days)
Autumn: September to December (falling leaves and mild temperature)
No matter the season and time of day, New York offers attractions any time of the year, day or night.


How to walk in New York:

The best way to explore New York City is by subway! The system covers the entire city. This is an amazing way to escape the chaotic metropolis traffic.

The famous yellow cabs (or yellow cabs) are beautiful – in the photo. We don’t think it’s worth using this means of transport, as there are cheaper and more efficient alternatives, such as the subway and even the Uber.

Still about the New York subway, we wrote a post just to teach you how to use it and get wherever you want in the city! For Visa Consultation Click here

Where to stay in New York:

New York City is divided into boroughs: Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island.

Manhattan, an island, is usually the first point of attention for tourists – this is where Central Park and Times Square are, for example.

To help you decide, we’ve dedicated an article on the best neighborhoods and regions to stay in NYC. That way, you’ll know what is the most convenient point for your script, taste and budget!

And when making reservations, search on to ensure the best price for your hotel or hostel.

#TipAPI: most hotels in the city do not offer breakfast! Also, the rooms are usually quite small, especially in more touristy areas like Midtown Manhattan. What to do? The answer is simple: go out to eat in restaurants and cafeterias, just like locals do!

New York Restaurant Reservations:

And follow the New York tips for Indians! After all, you’ll only be able to eat at certain restaurants in NYC, especially the hottest ones, if you book in advance.

Some work with specific reservation systems, through the website itself. But most of them are on popular platforms like Explore Tock, or Open Table.

But restaurants are not the only option to eat. That’s because there are several food markets in NYC, such as Chelsea Market, Eataly and Le District.

New York Pass and New York CityPass:

There are a few options for passes to the sights of New York. The most popular are the New York Pass and New York CityPass.

To find out if it’s worth buying a pass and then decide between them, the ideal is to first separate the attractions you want to visit and then add up the ticket values. If the sum of the prices exceeds the value of the pass, it will be worth buying one, as you will pay less in total. But if the sum of tickets is less than the price of the pass, then it won’t compensate for the purchase.

Buying Broadway Tickets:

Productions such as The Lion King, Chicago, Wicked and Aladdin, The Panhtom of the Opera are Broadway classics in New York.

And the best part is that you can buy tickets directly through the Broadway website, even before leaving India! The entire process is very simple. But, to guarantee good seats in such popular and renowned musicals, it is necessary to buy tickets in advance – about 15 days. Remembering that productions take place in different theaters. Most of them around Times Square.