Mobile Device Sanitizers  – UV phone sanitizers with wireless charger & aromatherapy purification. 10-minute cycle 99.9% efficiency. Transparent face masks and face shields. Hand sanitizer and surface cleaner WHO-approved formula and Health Canada approved product (site license and formula approval number available). Our products are for home, office and workplace use. Shields-Hand Sanitizer

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This shield has the added feature of being able to flip the up to allow access to your mouth.

The Average Phone Is 10 Times Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat : – Our PhoneClean-UVC device uses UV-C LEDs to sterilize , no liquid, no heat, no chemicals with 99.9% efficiency. This three in one device not only sanitizes your phone, it provides wireless charging and is capable of aromatherapy purification.

Face Masks

Sterilize at the Speed of Light : – KILL GERMS NOT YOUR PHONE. Chemical and solvent based disinfectant can damage touch screens on mobile devices. UV-C light kills germs, bacteria and viruses without damaging your phone. Face Masks

Wireless Charging Lid : – 10W charging utilizes Qi wireless technology to fast charge your smartphone. Compatible with the latest IOS and Android devices that support wireless charging.

UV-C Light Kills Germs : – UV-C light attacks pathogens, eliminating their ability to replicate. A powerful chemical-free technology trusted in healthcare for over 30 years. UV light won’t damage sensitive touchscreens.

Advantages : – A single device that sterilizes, charges and purifies. Fast and easy to use. The contemporary design lends well to any décor. It is packaged in a gift box suitable for all occasions—a must-have for your home or office.

Aromatherapy Purification : – Load a few drops of your favourite essential oil; our built-in diffuser creates a fine mist released within the chamber during the sanitizing cycle.

Shields-Hand Sanitizer

TRANSPARENCY MASK : – Unique shape contours to your face. Only three points of contact light weight, comfortable and totally transparent!

BUBBLE SHIELD : – Designed to be easily worn like glasses. The ergonomic design provides a comfortable fit whether you wear glasses, a mask, or both.

COMFORT SHIELD : – High Bridge Frame with optically clear anti-fog coated lens that can be cleaned or replaced. Comfort Shield offers a layer of protection.

Ultraviolet Sanitizer – Built-In Wireless Charger – Aromatherapy Purification

  • Six UV-C Lamps for sterilizing 99.9% effective
  • Intelligent mode 2 minutes rapid or 10-minute comprehensive sterilization
  • 10W Qi wireless charging compatible with most mobile phones
  • Aromatherapy Purification, add your favourite fragrance
  • Android Type C, cord included for powering the SteriCharge
  • Cleans anything that fits phones, watches, masks, small toys, jewellery, credit cards, wallets

Transparency Mask : – Combines comfort, safety and style  – Crystal Clear Protection, see other lets others see your smile. Ultra-Light at 2.5 oz easy put on and Face Masks take off worn just like sunglasses, folding temple arms for storage when not in use will not interfere and smudge makeup or mess your hair. Adult size built-in comfort supports make for a universal fit, can be worn with normal glasses

ABOUT US : – Founded by Dan Rupoli, a seasoned entrepreneur with over 30 years in manufacturing plastic components. PPE Creative Solutions was launched in response to the pain of prolonged use and discomfort caused by masks and visors. Our mission is to provide creative solutions to address PPE requirements and intuitive ways to dispense hand sanitizer in public spaces. affordable products.

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