In every bride’s look, eyelashes play a considerable part, and there are many ways to enhance and define them. Women prefer either fake lashes on the morning of the wedding or getting eyelash extensions done before a day for a permanent look. 

No option comes without its pros or cons. For example, lash extensions are expensive, time-consuming, and fake lashes offer too much drama or irritated eyes. But as a bride, you want to consider taking your lashes to the next level for the wedding day. But what’s right for one bride won’t necessarily be great for you. 

Many factors include lifestyle, budget, eye shape, maintenance, and how natural you want them to look. Three popular methods we have listed out that help your lashes stand out on the wedding day. Let’s see what lash look works best for you.

Lash extensions – Permanent va-va-voom look!

You will wake up with fluttery lashes in the morning, look in the mirror and think, “damn gurl,” what a gorgeous look without makeup. Eyelash extension for your wedding day gives you a bit of a dramatic look. It’s great for a vacation or on holiday as you will look great with less effort with a lot of activities planned, and less time to do your makeup. Also, your mascara won’t go anywhere if you are planning to swim. 

The full set extension process is time-consuming (a nap-worthy process) but quite expensive! However, they look stunning, and there are many options to choose from: glam look, natural look, volume look, whatever. 

You need to upkeep the lashes and need to return for infills just like you would do for nails. But, if you are getting this classic set of lash extensions for your wedding or honeymoon, it is hardly an issue! If you come in one of those people who touch their face or rub their eyes a lot, they find extension irritation, but it’s something you get used to. 

Lash lift – Natural look with a bit of drama 

It is the least dramatic option with a more natural look. When you combine it with a lash tint, it enhances the effect. The best part is after a lash lift; you won’t feel anything heavy after a service. The best lash lifts options are for those who have flat lashes, light-colored lashes, and for those who use lash curlers that don’t work. 

It’s like a perm for your lashes. Get into the salon, glue your lashes down to a silicon shield, and have a quick lash nap. There are different sizes of these volume lashes available. Then, when the lash artist applies a perming solution to your lashes, you wait for a short period of time for the solution to start working! Overall, it’s a quicker process than an extension and usually cheap as well. 

False lashes – Temporary but gorgeous choice 

Undeniable, the most popular, accessible, and the temporary option to wear false lashes on your wedding day. When they do your makeup, your makeup artist will apply these. You can experiment with different styles and work out what suits best for your eye shape. You can go according to the theme and overall look, whether it’s natural and soft, or dramatic, or somewhere in between.

 They are 100% in your control, and you can make sure what exactly you want. They come in different types. 

  • Traditional strip lash
  • Individual lashes
  • Magnetic false lashes 

Traditional strip lash

It is glued on the base of your natural lashes with lash glue. Traditional strip lashes come in various lengths, styles, and widths, from the half strip, full strip, to outer corner strip lashes. It has a small cluster of lashes applied to the outer third of your eye and highlights your eye shape. 

Individual lashes 

They are small clusters of lashes and look like a slight V wispy shape and glued on your natural lash with lash glue. It offers you more versatility and suits your eye shape. Makeup artists usually prefer these for brides as they layer them up from subtle to add a bit of volume where needed. With a fuller lashes look, it still gives you a soft and vibrant look. Out of all these options, these are the lightest, in fact, and you will hardly feel them at all. 

Magnetic false lashes 

Brand new in the market. They are getting trendy. It can be worn multiple times and is less messy to apply than strip lashes. They use a magnets line that grips onto a magnetic liner that is applied to your lash line rather than glue. It’s a little heavier than a strip lash.

Stay zen on your big day!

Weddings are awesome and come with lots of fun parties. Make your big day even more impressive from its core by enhancing your bridal beauty with the best lash extension look. Just like picking out the moon from the sky, our lash experts will help you decide the best lash option for you. They are here at every step to make your day epic and memorable as much as possible.