In mathematics, the use of graphs, charts, and figures is a common practice. These graphs provide a visual representation of the numerical data that is not so easy to understand. When a graph is plotted for data, then it makes the understanding easier and absorbable. According to their criteria of the application, there are various types of graphs and curves for different math problems. These graphs can be tricky to incorporate written data, so calculators like the area between two curves calculator can help interpret and extract data from these graphs.

 The area under the curve:

The area under the curve is a term that defines the total covered area below the curve shape of a graph. It is not only used in statistics and math but also has a role in pharmacokinetics. In pharmacokinetics, the area under the curve (AUC) is commonly used that tells how much drug has been consumed by the body and how much is still available. The area can be found under one curve or two curves. The calculation of these areas varies a little bit. The area under curve calculator and area between two curves calculator is easily accessible and operable tools that anyone can have from the web. The formula of the area under two curves is:

m = f (x) & m = g (x)

How to find the area between two curves?

The area under the curve is a region that can be found through manual calculation, time-taking. It also includes several considerations. These considerations include two graphs for which the area is required, definite integrals, absolute value knowledge, and integration variable. Definite integrals are used only in this calculation. These considerations make the calculation difficult, and the chances of error increase. Any negligence or unclear incorporation of these factors will result in false outcomes, thus wasting time and effort.

The other possible way is the area between two curves calculator. Use find the area of the shaded region calculator and gets the desired reading in the blink of an eye. The optimum accuracy of the resulted value ensures user satisfaction. It provides you with the confidence to do calculations.

The area between two curves calculator:

The area under a curve calculator is a digital tool that is available 24 / 7 online. In a digitalization and technology world, get the maximum benefits of the area between curves calculator by saving effort, input, time, and money. The least input resulting in optimum outcome is a wonder of technology. For calculating the area under two curves, specific data is needed to enter in the input section:

  •         The definite upper limit of the curve
  •         The definite lower limit of the curve
  •         Two expressions of the curve

After the addition of values according to your data, calculate the area in just one click. The outcome will appear on the screen in few seconds. The area between the two curves calculator provides the results in the positive and negative values. The negative value is achievable in the case when both curves lie on the x-axis.