American citizens living overseas in Thailand often face one big challenge when it comes to raising children. For whatever prevailing reasons, the Thai public education system is not on par with the public school system in the United States. This leaves parents who want to give their child an education that is on pace with one they would get at home with little options. Luckily, there are a few American high schools in Bangkok that are accredited and guaranteed to keep up with the domestic American education system.

American high schools in Bangkok are not as common as other international school systems are. For as large and influential as America is, Thailand seems to prefer the British education system and its offshoots, like Australian, Canadian, and Singaporean. That said, some of the best and most prestigious schools are American high schools in Bangkok.

If you are an American parent or a parent who prefers an American curriculum for their children, here are the best American high schools in Bangkok for you to consider.


VERSO is a new and exciting international school located just south of Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. Its location is convenient to a lot of villages and residential areas heavily populated by foreigners and provides enough space for a large, spacious campus.

VERSO’s campus reflects its ethos: well-rounded with exceptional attention to detail. VERSO’s educational buildings are split into three “loops”, circular buildings with open centers separated into the traditional “lower, middle, and upper” schools. The loops provide a sense of continuity and innovation that separates VERSO from other schools.

VERSO’s commitment to a thorough education for each student can be felt in their facilities and extracurricular activities. At VERSO, students can study music and art, as well as participate in many different athletic groups, all while staying on campus.

Despite it being a newer school, VERSO is certain the most unique American high school in Bangkok.


International School Bangkok is perhaps the most famous American school in Bangkok and is considered a top-flight school on par with Bangkok Patana and NIST. ISB is located north of Bangkok near Don Muang Airport.

ISB’s reputation and prestige have had a ripple effect on the community around it. Because it is so far away from downtown Bangkok, and because it is such a desirable school, luxury condos and private neighborhoods have been developed in adjacent properties to accommodate families who have moved to be closer to campus.

ISB students mostly matriculate to American universities and colleges, with many students attending Ivy League schools. Additionally, the post-graduate rate is especially high for alumni. Many of Thailand’s leading executives and business owners are graduates of ISB and send their children there to receive a superior education.

On top of education, ISB has tremendous athletic programs and facilities. The true standout is their swimming team, whose coach is perhaps the greatest swim coach in Asia.