Looking for a home cleaner Ottawa for ironing and cleaning? Entrust the cleanliness of your home to someone you can trust, who will make it a haven of peace. Here are some tips and tricks for choosing the perfect housekeeper!

1. Sort through what you are looking for

Before starting the process, it would be wise to know clearly why you are planning to seek help at home. To do this, list the tasks you want to see accomplished and take stock of the schedules that suit you. For example, some people prefer to be present during the performance or at the start of it. This, therefore, requires good coordination.

2. Find out from those around you

Don’t hesitate to talk to people around you about your desire to find house staff. Also, ask them questions. It could be that they, or their relatives, are already working with a housekeeper or a specialized agency with which they are fully satisfied. Then they can easily give you their recommendations. This saves you from having to do a long search on your own.

3. Skim the classifieds

The best way to find a housekeeper quickly is to consult the classifieds. You can see it everywhere, especially on sites, on service applications, or even on your town hall’s web page. In addition, the local bakery and laundromats are also among the places where you can take a look. Aim for full ads, which are more serious.

4. Post clear and concise announcements

If you have special requirements or are the proactive type, you may prefer to post an offer yourself. If that’s the case, you’ll have a better chance of finding the right person through a clear ad. Indicate your geographical area and be precise about the missions, schedules, and prices. For example, specify whether you want ironing in addition to cleaning.

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5. Ask the right questions to your future employee

Before finally choosing your housekeeper, do at least a short interview. This is an opportunity to discuss in order to agree on the specifics of the position, to present what you want, and to identify the behavior of future domestic staff. Keep in mind that you mainly need someone who is serious and meticulous, and with whom you can communicate quite well.

6. Ask for reliable references

Despite appearances, cleaning is a job in itself. Both cleaning and ironing require an excellent sense of organization, agility, care, and knowledge of the right products. You can therefore choose novices in the field but on condition that they are really invested. Nevertheless, ask for references during the interview as much as possible. They will help you choose more wisely.

7. Call on a home help agency

They are already well-established professionals who you can count on. The agencies take care of the administrative formalities and the recruitment of staff. Therefore, using one of these is the perfect option for those who don’t have the time or energy to scrutinize the ads and report activity. The other advantage is that they are very demanding when it comes to selecting their candidates.

8. Partner with an agency that suits you

If you opt for the home help agency, be aware that not all of them work on the same model, even if the principle remains the same. Transparency on prices, formulas, and contractual clauses differ. In addition, some agencies may only offer high-end services. The more you know about the institution’s policy, the more likely you are to enjoy the benefits.

9. Establish a practical guide to cleaning

Your housekeeper must withhold your instructions. But if you have the time to write a little note reminding them of these, even better. List all the tasks to be accomplished as well as the products to use. Do not forget to include your specific instructions (be careful with fragile furniture, do not clean the room in the afternoon, …). Cooperation thus begins on a good basis.

10. Commit to time

If you are looking for one-off help (the day after a party, moving, etc.), this may not apply to you. On the other hand, if you are looking for regular support, or if you know that you are likely to call on such services again, adopt the right frame of mind. The first service must be conclusive, but know that the more this person works for you, the more their work will be personalized.