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About the Owners

Vallarta Yacht Company is a gringo family owned company by us, a couple that came to the Puerta Vallarta area on their honeymoon from Key West, Florida in 2006 and just never left. During that time, we have explored and been on every tour/charter in the Banderas Bay area. We had a production company and TV show for tourist information and went to explore the best spots of Puerto Vallarta. The TV show aired nationally in Mexico with subtitles for 37 weeks. We now have a very successful digital marketing company which we’ve owned and operated for the past 11 years. We worked with many companies across the bay but had a strong focus on the boating/yachting world. We can guarantee that we know what Americans and Canadians want and expect when they either charter a yacht or go out for a public day cruise which we also book. We are very selective and the list is short for those who make the cut with Vallarta Yacht Company. Although the site is fairly new, the knowledge is not, we know how to get the traffic and we always deliver what we promise which is something you do not see very much in Mexico. We believe in personal contact with our clients and we do it always within 24 hours and usually within 1 hour. Our process is that once you fill out your charter request form you will receive some basic info right away and then a personal phone call to help you to plan your perfect day on the bay

About Banderas Bay

Banderas Bay is the largest bay in Mexico and one of the largest bays in the world. Many have said that it was formed from a volcano, however it is part of a canyon the runs from the Meca to Cabo Corrientes and part of the Sierra Madre mountain chain.

Banderas Bay is protected from mountains at all sides and from sea level you can go several miles east and find yourself at a elevation of over 2000 feet above sea level in the Sierra Madre mountains looking down at Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay

South of Boca de Tomatlan, the highway heads inland and into the mountains but there are many secluded beaches to the south only accessible by boat. This is a perfect reason to charter a yacht with family and friends from Vallata Yacht Company. The areas south include many beautiful coves which are truly incredible such as Colomitos

Whale Watching

Humpback whales are a highlight and extremely special to visitors who are lucky enough to get out and see them in the bay. Humpback whales start arriving in Banderas Bay around the end of October and stay until the middle of April. This is their destination for the winter after a long migration trip that starts in the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean near Alaska. The whales migrate here during the winter months and use the warm, deep waters of our bay to breed and give birth to their calves before traveling north again in April / May.

whale watching boat tours in Puerto Vallarta – Vallarta Yacht CompanyHumpback whales are large beautiful creatures that can grow to 60 feet (20 meters) long and weigh around over 50 tons. Due to massive amount of commercial whaling in the 1800s and until the 1960’s, humpback whales were almost to the level of extinction

About Our Favorite Day

The best days of our life have been spent in Vallarta and on Banderas Bay cruising, whale watching, snorkeling and just enjoying the bay. Probably, our best day in the Banderas Bay would have to be the day we booked a private charter on a 60 trimaran to Yelapa. We were picked up in Puerto Vallarta at Los Muertos Pier at 9 AM, when we first saw the boat, we were very excited to see such a large boat with no plastic chairs, just fluffy cushions all around and on the second deck was 2 water slides and lounging chairs. From the pier we had to catch a water taxi to the boat which was only 60 yards away, we had a group of 40 people anxious to cut loose on the water. The trip only ran about $80 USD per guest and was all inclusive and I mean all inclusive. They even set up a website page so the guests could book online individually.

The water taxi only charged us about $3.00 PP USD for round trip transportation to the boat and back to the dock, it probably is higher now because that was 7 years ago and everything has gone up in price especially with the rise in the dollar value in Mexico

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Vallarta Yacht Company
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Local MX Cell (Spanish): +52 322-191-4572
Si es llamada internacional marque 01152+1 mas el número de teléfono.