All Australian food businesses must comply with this standard, unless they fall under the definition of ‘primary food production’. FSANZ has developed separate primary production and processing standards for businesses in primary food production. If you are a food business, whether operating from a permanent building, a vehicle or from a stall at a market. It also applies if you are selling food for a charity or for any other community fundraising project, and if you are at home and preparing food that will be sold.

If you are constructing a new food premises or refurbishing your existing food premises, you will need to contact your local council or health department to ensure you comply with design and fitout requirements, before commencing any construction or refurbishment. You may be required to comply with the Australian Standard for the Design, construction and fit-out of food premises (AS 4674-2004). This Standard provides criteria on design and construction to assist with compliance with Standard 3.2.3 for new food premises and alterations to existing food premises.

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