Mock test is a sort of test which helps to prepare any student for their exam. But for pandemic it becomes an online practice test. By giving it students can get an idea about their exam preparation and how much they will score in an exam.

It can be done by staying home which means students can give this test with ease and comfort at their homes. It is hassle-free, time saving. In this pandemic situation, students attend their classes online. Before an exam they need to give the mock tests to ensure their own performance.

You should just need a computer or laptop to give the test. So, you have to keep your stopwatch ready to adjust the time given for the exam. Look at your questions and write down the answers in that allocated time.

Pros of online mock test: –

It helps to encourage the students for their exam and leads them to success. It is an environment friendly process as it can be done by using less paper and time saving too. It helps to get rid of the administrative burden. Students get to know their marks and issue results in a minute.

Automated test assembly tools, on-screen marking tools are there in it. So, it makes it easier for the students to know their score in a particular mock test. Therefore, it is a hassle-free program. Nowadays, more or less 7 out of 10 students are tech-savvy, that’s why they can operate the online examination process easily and it clearly boosts their confidence before an exam.

Cons of online mock test: –

We live in a country where 65% people are living Below the Poverty Line(BPL). So, in that case, not everyone can afford a laptop or computer and for them it would be a major problem to attend classes or give exams online.

Students can be dishonest and use fraudulent ways and cheat in the exam. Besides that, one of the significant disadvantages of an online mock test is electricity and stable internet connection. Thus, all of these major issues are behind that and we need to focus on these issues as well.

Whenever you are preparing for any major exams like board exams, college exams or competitive exams you need to give the mock tests for your betterment. There are many education sites who take all these tests. The more mock tests you give the more you understand your strengths and flaws.

A mock test is an important exam for students who are planning to sit in a competitive exam. One should attend the mock test which is like across the country, then you can feel the pace and competition. Also,it helps to strengthen your ability to score better.